A Poem to Myself (and Others)

Dear Me,


Soon, you’ll see, very soon, when the moon’s out,

In a glorious afternoon where it’s rare 

To see her scout amongst the chaos ‘round,

You will see a girl starring eastbound and,

You will ask yourself “what’s she looking at?


Is that freedom, do I know? I should ask,”

‘fore your eyes the girl’s outline abasks in light,

I fancy she’s content; t’seems she loves life,

‘cause she’s free to sincerely say now,

“I’m no longer friends with the chains, I’m able to,

Enjoy my home and self and friends. I say adieu.”

Soon, you’ll see, she’ll say this with a blithe life,

When no longer she’s bothered with men’s strife,

A bird, an angel with golden wings spread apart,

Peace in the mind, and grand joy in the heart,

Ready to forgive and finally to depart.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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