You Say "Comfort Zone" Like It's a Bad Thing

“Stop being so shy.”

“Be more social.”

“You need to step outside your comfort zone.”


Some of us, we cringe reflexively at these phrases.

We could tell you—

Force an introvert outside their comfort zone and watch resentment build; watch it drive them deeper,

Into the sanctuary of their proverbial shell,

After you release them. 


It’s not as if we are a rare breed—

But this frantic instantaneous culture demands such energy to be spent

On meaningless small talk,

Mindless excitement,

At parties and gatherings we might not even be enjoying.


Being an introvert, it’s not a sign of damage, not a flaw.

The real damage happens when others cannot accept that some of us are truly happier when we can

Breathe freely,

Laugh freely,

And being forced into a spotlight does none of that for us.

There is nothing wrong with us just because an excess of social interaction

Overloads our thoughts,

Exhausts us spiritually, emotionally.


We are flawless because introversion is natural, it is not the equivalent of shyness.

I am flawless in that I am comfortable with what it’s made of me,

What I, in turn, have made of it. 

I have plenty of extroverted friends—and guess what?

They’re flawless as well,

Because we complete one another, 

Fearless voice to questing mind.


So I prefer some evenings to go home to a cup of Earl Grey and a fantasy novel, 

Or maybe popcorn and Netflix, 

And that’s just as flawless as the next person who lives for the euphoria of bright lights, crowds of people.

Remember this: being introverted or extroverted, that's not flawless by itself.

Owning it is. 

Not buying into society’s claim that introversion is a problem or a handicap,

Learning to dismiss the stereotype of extroverts as shallow and impulsive,

Proving them wrong—

That’s flawless.

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