listening to that song

I think there are times

when my lungs feel more like wings

taking flight through my throat

before they burst through the walls of my chest


Because that is where I feel it strongest

the sense that I cannot simply feel

but that I must spread my arms

and leap into infinity


Where I can be as big as my spirit

letting my head fall back

and closing my eyes with wild contentment

feeling the drum vibrations pace my heart


But I have to breathe it in

tasting the life as it ruffles the feathers on my lungs

and letting my blood carry it away

so that my every fiber shivers with the thrill


The ultimate moment of joy

that explodes inside my soul

sending strings of unbound feeling to stitch

any part of me that was torn


If I could feel this way for eternity

I would be listening

to the melody that always will be


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