Simply Twenty-Six Letters



Simply Twenty-Six Letters

Writing is simple, is it not? Simply twenty-six letters combine to create a multitude of words, which are then conglomerated into paragraphs which make articles, letters, and stories. These twenty-six letters create a language. It is all still simple, a formula of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The part of writing that is a challenge to comprehend is how these twenty-six letters can evoke emotions as powerful as tears, laughter, and anger. I write to feel and to make others feel. Twenty-six letters intertwine together to create an unforgettable expression of thoughts, emotions, and actions that can sometimes be conveyed in no other way but through words. I write because once upon a time I read something that changed the way I looked at writing; this grouping of these simple words and predictable letters left me in a state in of mental chaos and disbelief that something as supposedly simple as words could awaken such feelings of depth in my soul. I write because I feel like there is no other way to reach into yourself and feel as deeply as words have the ability to reach. You are the only person in the world with your words, with no one to judge your reactions, to be offended by your opinions, to be hurt by the quick response which follows a feeling that deep. Yet, the letters are still simple, with a slightly different curve or line as the only mark to differentiate one between the other twenty-five other letters. I write because I am enthralled with the ability to take something as simple as the letter lines kindergarteners trace everyday and make it a complex thought that has the ability to stick inside the mind of someone else for years to come. Suddenly, these twenty-six letters are no longer simple. I write to take something as formulaic and simple as writing appears to be and manipulate it into a work of art that can change the way someone else thinks.


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