I know it's not right,

I know its not fair,

Every time you look that way,

I just can't bare


You flick a switch, 

becomes so bright

Only you can douse the flames of desire, 

Especially at night.


We barely talk,

Meeting in a way,

Animal instincts taking sway.

Little room for else.


Look of passion in your eyes,

Sets my soul on fire.

Can't stand this no more,

I go crazy at the door.


Hardly know you,

yet you know the score,

Anticipate my waking head,

Before  I say it, you're already in bed. 


Time goes by,

Things start to glow,

Differences between us burn bright,

Its difficult not to show.


I hate you,

I love you,

Get out of my head,

One second, please don't.......I feel dead. 


Am confused,


Full of

Desire too


This lust that exists between us,

No good for either of .........

I want to leave, 

Hold over me,





Scalded puppy.


Alone at work,

Deadlines approaching,

Hearts a pulsing,

I need my fix.


One last text,

One last chat,

Say good bye now.

Not sure I can leave it at that. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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