When the Grain of Salt Drops

The table stays

the wood is grey

 a light sull yellowed

tingy yellow brown

when on the bench 

the hobo sleeps

the homo weeps

the political correctness steeps

and for weeks and weeks

everyone is against one thing and for another, when they miss what

shouldn't matter

but is the obsession of the new


for what?

The anti-movement

of yesteryear


in a Hipster


Trash head

counterculture moc=vement

that demanded to be in the mainstream

and ruined it for everyone else.

The hipsters can have their stupid eather jackets and false hippie attitudes

and their bogus 90's fashion statement

and quote Kurt and like three Nirvana songs

and call themselves #softgrunge

because they throw on some designer flannel that fits them perfectly

along with their new pair of Docs they keep squeaky clean with shoe polish.

They can meticulously makew themselves a grunge and hippie and rocker wannabe

when they are just the narcissistic mirrors of a plague

of our youth's minds

Gone is true teenage-angst

except for a few

The majority have never heard of it

yet it is the soul inspiration

sole inspiration

for the music they "love"

So they can have their stupid hipster shitbath

and I'll listen to my hardcore punk, my Jimi Hendrix Experience, My Nirvana, My STP, My Melvins, My Black Sabbath, My Void, My Ramones, My motherfucking SCREAMING TREES (songs other than NEARLY LOST YOU)

My everything.

And  I'll wear my flannels 

because I like flannel

and I'll wear my hair messy

cos I honestly don't give a fuck.

And I'll take the shit from everyone telling me my mentality is the definition of hipster.

Because I don't care.

And I know it isn't. 

I'm not in denial,

I just happened to stumble upon a music I loved that led me to many other musics I now love.

I'm no mascot

I'm no hipster.

I'm a pissed off kid turned adolescent

who hacks away at a guitar

and yowls into a cheap microphone.

Because he's pissed off about something or other.

And I'll do what I want.

Becuase that's what I want to do.

How about you?


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