At first I thought I was in love with you

But now I realized my mistake

Why love someone who will never love you back

I have finally let it go

You don’’t occupy my every thought

You don’t make me feel guilty for loving you

I am free

You can’t believe the weight that has been lifted of my chest

I won't be hurt by you anymore

I won’t feel hurt when you say no one loves you

it won't hurt my feelings anymore  

To think that I have alwaysed loved you

You were to busy thinking about yourself to even realize

I am done I tried and tried to help but you don’t want to listen

You would rather go to other people than me

You know what.. it is fine

Because now I am free

I still love you but not in that way

I will always love you as a sister

But when you finally realized I was the one who actually loved you for you

Instead of just another girl to get

It will be too late because this feeling I had for you

Has finally set me free

It is gone

I am tired of always being hurt

 tho you don’t even realize what you have done

But once you realize it I will be already gone

Don’t mix my words with that I won't be your  friend

I will always be your friend and love you like a sister

I will always be there if you ever needed me

But I won't be in love with you anymore

I won't be your second or even fifth choice

I just won't do it

You have no control over me anymore

You emotional leash you had on me has been broken

That feeling of being in love is gone

I am finally free.


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