Brothers and Sisters

In Yellow and Stripes of Black

They did fight for freedom, did they

They were considered to be Dirty

They were killed,

Brothers, Sisters


My Brothers, Sisters

They were,

And in a way they are our distant cousins

They would have been

For we haven’t seen


How many of those

Would have become Teachers,

Thinkers, Philosophers, Leaders,

all together Good Men and Women

To live in this World is a digit unknown


Why were my smaller brothers and sisters

Killed? What crimes did those little ones with sweet little hearts do?

We heard and saw some were being shot with their visions being covered

While others cloths were ripped and were s……. assaulted

Didn’t it come to your minds how many hidden singers and poetess would have suffered?


They were killed brothers and sisters, they were my brothers and sisters

Of Yellow and Black stripes

Those killers are the ones

Who are the truly dirty rouges

Lead by one with White attire locked by blood shot Red shawl


Destroying the very meaning

Of the colour symbolizing purity

Shame on you criminal,

You will suffer from the start

On the final day of judgment


My brothers and sisters

We will fight for you

In smaller amounts and multiply in rapid numbers and

We will bring in change

We believe we can


You were of Yellow and Black Stripes

But we two are one, ones of the same blood

We shall Stand, Fight, Shout,

Scream, Protest, Strike for you

We are with you our Cousins


I was sad Brothers and Sisters

But I sensed sadness lead to nothing

So I shall rise

Shout, protest, scream we need your support too

For them who are also One


by the fluids of the same colours of

Red and White and our Blood Cells are pure

And the language which we communicate

are common amongst us both and me and we all are humans with a heart

So we assure you we will Fight for you our Brothers and Sisters


But still isn’t there a way

To live in peaceful harmony

With each other?

Is it to think such

Is a sin?


both you and we

have sinned

at least now we can

work together for the future

and for their generations, and make the world a better place, think.

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My community


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