A Old Crows Last request


The sun above me sings a lullaby,

The rain mimics the tune,

Roses dance,

Glitter strikes from each and every beat,

Than their performance ends,

Time races life,

Faces appear than fade like the snow that mutes the melody,

My mind distraught with the speeding seasons passing me by,

My thought is lost in time with the world I once remembered,

My eyes opened by mans tools to see I'm not who I once was,

Why would an old crow go north with blue birds that chirp to a different tune?

Weren’t these blue birds once crows?

Did the crows already leave?

My wings are too weak to fly me,

When they return,

Throw my feathers to the sky so I may roam the world

In heavens final flight,

This is the final request of this old crow.

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