let me be

I wish I could feel the raindrops 

falling on my face 

the distance between the sky and me 

feels so out of place.  


strip away these walls 

bricks and mortar that bind me  

to a world I'm not meant for 

but I'm just too scared to leave.


chained to this room 

this man-made blindness 

how can no one else mind this? 

do they not hear the murmur growing?  

ignorant to the sticks and stones  

the howling wind is throwing.   


I can feel it all.  

the cracking, creaking 

of my heart still searching, seeking 

while the world screams out words of hate  

that I am not made to last 






without a future 

I must rely on my past 

I've already lost my way  

before I started  

haunted by dreams 

of a world departed. 


no time machine can fix it  

fix me  

no one ever really can see

because I live between planes 

in a world with out numbers and names  


unquantifiable I stand 

pointless clutter  

only useful to command  


I am the hungry masses 

I am the beached whale 

I am the world's nicnac


digging my nails in deeper  

scrabbling and clinging on  

suffocating under the false atmosphere  


let me go  

I don't want to be an accesory  

to this life  

your life  


a suportive character in my own story 

let me go  

let me be something else 

something I don't undersand 

let me be myself 

let me be free 

let me go 

let me be. 








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