I Write to Be Free


United States
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I worry that I am not a good writer
and that I am just fooling myself.
And maybe I am,
But I will not be one to leave necessary words unsaid.
To you, they may seem a wicked waste of paper
and a shameful compilation of wither words
with no focus; no aim.
But I say to you,
one man's loss is another man's gain;
cliche, but rightly so,
for I pour myself into these words,
leaving pieces of me set into these words
just as permanently as this ink.
This pen is as much a part of me
as the nails of my toes
and would, likewise,
require brute strength and pliers to separate it for me.
Even then, it would grow back,
sturdier and with more fire than before.
So sit on your high chair,
with all your finery, and judge me;
but the one who is most free in any court
is the one who wears the jester's hat.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you validate your purpose of why you write

writers find inspiration from all over

writing is one form of an outlet that gives that chance to express yourself w/o being judged upon

nice poem-keep building-keep writing

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