Black Bird

I saw a black bird today 

I noticed its beauty 

The grace it held, when it flew away 

Don't know where it went but I know it was doing its duty 

I saw that same black bird again 

I know it was the same bird becasue of its posture 

Soaring the skies with its head held high 

Flying from here to there 

Landing on a branch or telephone pole 

I sat there trying to figure out its goal 

Just as it stretched to fly away 

Although it tried to hide 

I saw them, the scars 

Evidence of the pain endured 

Yet, still that black bird flew with strength 

Head held high while soaring 

It hit me right then at that very moment 

That black bird held its head high 

Flying with grace and strength, just to prove a point 

That black bird may have been hurt once or twice 

But it did not break, it survived 

Going on through life like nothing's wrong 

I saw a black bird today 

And she hid her pain behind her strength 

I saw a black bird today 

She convinced the world that she was okay 

I saw a black bird today 

That black bird was me 

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