One nation under God

We are the country who
Pledges our allegiance to
A flag of

And justice

Yet we sweep rape aside and
Those brave enough to tell are
Ignored after finding the determination
To tell the truth but

How can people be comfortable
Telling the truth when we live in
A country where we claim we welcome
Immigrants and yet our president
Is trying to ban them and ban the rights
Of all those who just gained them

We are a nation that prides ourself
In our ability to protect the people
Even though we spend more time
Trying to play keep away with money

What is the point of calling ourselves
“The home of the free” where “all are welcome”
When we are denying shelter for those
That crawl into our lands because
They were denied the right to stand
On their own years ago

We may have more rights than most
And we may be better off than the world
But we are by no means

One nation under God

Because even God can't fathom what has
Become of the country He deemed a safe place

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My country
Our world
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