Get Free-Jeffery

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Highland Park
2 Woodbridge Ave, Apt A1 1st street .... in New Jersey
United States

Get Free Jeffery:


Making out --- Get out get free Jeffery -

Break the mold Model the mound of clay Tracers

free the me

see the key

dream the new acts of power.

open the mind, line the box of empty thoughts, in time.


Don't Do IT..


the red tree talks to the red fire hydrant


Hydrant: your crazy for going red - tree.

Tree: You stand there and let dogs go on... YOU

Hydrant: we all will go on from here... just you wait and see.

Tree: I am read on and on like me and you we are free.

Hydrant: Don't tell me...I see.

Tree: You are wetting the fire... It is a bright red day fire.

Hydrant: see me feel my wetness === I am loved.

Tree: Set me ablaze like making a maze in the sand.


Bill Newbold

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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