One Breath.

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 00:13 -- azsxw1

Looking past the landscapes

there stands one dream.

One final goal that you know

deeper than the cliff you're standing on

you want one dream you know.

The trees are greener

the grass is taller

and the sun is setting on your side.

Each word passes your lips like ice as you say once more

"Too far."

"Too far."

"Too far."

"Too wide."

"Too deep."

Then something inside, says "I can."

"I can."

The silent whisper of a roaring lion.

The rays of sunshine raining on the Earth.

The brilliance of the simplest things.

"I can."

Your only breath.

"I can."

You hear the lion.

"I can."

You look towards the sun,

nothing behind you anymore.

"I can."

You look towards the canyon,

this void that sneers your hope

this void caught between heaven and hell

this void you know too well

this void that speaks but will never tell,

"I can."

Nothing below you anymore.

"I can."

You look to the sky its distant blue now gray,

The clouds surround you.

"I can."

The beat of a man.

"I can."

A breath of victory.

"I can."

A final step I take.

"I can."

A final word I make.

you go to jump,

but the void screams It could hurt.

I know it will.

The void shrieks you could die.

I'd die to be there.

The void has no second chance.

Why do I need one?

One final breath.

your vision goes black,

no longer does the lion Roar

neither does the void speak

the raining has subsided

You jump.

the wind screams blasting your ears cacophonies of fear fall from you

the void moot to you,

the other side ever in sight

However, you are blind.

you know not when.

 But your heart beats one word.

"I can."

"I can."

Your eyes open as they all say.

"I will."

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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