Controlling Destiny


Watch an eagle spread wings like silk

Untouchable purity against a night sky

Until the hunter (some would call him Destiny!) takes aim

See the king of the air turned to game

See the last flash of brightness wink out and die

See me spread my wings

Soaring through life on a silver breeze

See the hunter (Who would call him Destiny?) take aim

See the predator turned to game

With a terrifying ease

See me wait for the words to unfurl

A puzzle put together in a thousand ways

As the Fates weave their string

I control what the next day will bring

No matter who the worshippers decide should be raised

I am immune to the Oracle’s prophecies

I defy the logic of the last accepted laws

I make peace with the war and friends with the cause

After all

 society’s curse is not yet a disease

Extra, extra!

Have you read about the girl with the face?

The one with a future, a present

A commercially obscured past

Who doesn’t seem to know her place?

I take supper with Shakespeare

Walk through the woods with Frost

I dare to presume glory with the gods long lost

As I wait for my own Muse to appear

And appear he will (be rest assured)

Because the gifts of a puppet are for life

Though they may soothe like a hum

Or turn like a knife

Just be warned

Tomorrow; tomorrow I will be heard.



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