Soar the Wings of Forever

Soaring ever higher these birds dance among the clouds

Dropping seeds that sprout froth from new beginnings.

Ancestors relinquish past memories to their survival

A keen awareness of all that beholds surroundings.

Starlight luminescence reflects itself atop the crystal sheen

Fish swim by unaware how close the heavens shine.

Trees dancing in the windward song of days since past

All that ever was or has yet to be existent under the pine.

Moonlit shadows harbor imaginations of dark and scary phenomena

Yet upon a closer view the peering darkness seeps and spills

As eyes adjust we forget what the hunch was we followed on

For many thoughts pervade this consciousness until they instill.

Heartbeat pumps the blood through the veins and offer nutrients

The roaches and ants display the same as we

Yet disdain grips us and we condemn them to become but miscreants.

This oxygen sustains us as photosynthesis renews are existence

Leaves soak it into chlorophyll yet we rarely marvel at persistence.

Existent starlight from eons ago the stars our ancestors gazed upon.

The supernovas explode and spread themselves across the universe.

We lose ourselves in the familiarity of a song

Until we lose the song and feel compelled by only the verse.

How beautiful it is this impermanent existence.

A rose will never smell as sweet as the chance of no tomorrow.

Make peace with all that life can throw

And smile through the joys and the sorrow.



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