Free from you

Dear Ex-best friend,

While it has been months since we last spoke and an infinite amount left until we will speak again, it is time to get this off my chest.

No, this is not an apology or me even missing you, this is me finally speaking out for myself.

For countless years I let walk over me and treat me as if I was less than you.

I let you control what I did and how I felt and my perspective of the world.

Maybe at the time I agreed with you, maybe I was just scared to use my voice against yours, but it is time for your reality check.

You made me feel so bad about myself and always brought me down.

But that isn’t what best friends are for.

You acted as you could do no wrong and that I was foolish to even think I could possibly be right.

You believed you were smarter, more important,nicer and overall better than I would ever be.

But you are actually just a bully.

You do not care about others and their feelings, only yours.

You do not listen to what others have to say, because it never was important enough for you.

You made me feel so low and stuck in an abusive friendship.

I thought I could never be brave enough to stand up for myself but then I had it.

I couldn’t handle you making me cry and feel hopeless anymore.

I couldn’t stay in a one sided friendship anymore, I knew I deserved more.

Finally I told you and all you did was slander me once again.

But it was ok. I was used to it.

This time was different though, because I realized my worth.

I realized I did not deserve to be treated so poorly when I try so hard to make others happy.

I did not deserve to be treated as any lesser of an individual because it made you feel better about yourself.

That isn’t how friendship works.

I deserve the world and you are no longer holding me back from that.

Perhaps in years we will cross paths.

I hope you will see how much better I am doing without you.


Wishing you the best of luck,



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