Color My Feathers

I grew out my wings and flew to a new place,

They said that's what they're for, so I sought out my space.

A space for me to find my own-

To color my feathers,

To say that I've grown.


I flew past the trees and far from the ocean,

To write my own song far from all the commotion.

I landed in a place I never had known,

Far to a new dwelling,

I had finally flown.


I began to collect a medley of things, an assortment of treasures that make me feel free.

Now a wide sky to discover, what's special about me?

Oh the places I will go, and who will I meet?


And along that long journey I found my missing piece,

A lifetime of searching,

Here I found the rest of me.


When I returend to find home and fly back to where I began,

A once sturdy rock had turned into sand.

My nest made of sticks had fallen apart,

And the spaces I knew were now shaded in the dark.


I tried collecting the pieces to put it all back together, 

But something I've learned,

You can't control all life's weather.


As a bird I now fly away in search of my free,

But always to remember,

From home you do not flee.

For my nest although broken, for me will always be,

And my nest where I come from is forever sunk in my feet.


As a bird I look down from high in the sky,

Searching for surreal living as hard as I try.

But what I find along the way is that there's no such thing,

Just the hope in your song and the wind in your wings.


Wherever I fly cannot always be seen,

But to not know the unknown is sometimes,

The most wonderful of things.






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