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I want you.

For who you are alone while holding hands with me.


I hug you, because yes, because no. I hug you to empower you, never to become one.

I listen, actively. I give you criticism from my heart to yours with my brain being the engine. Not driving my answers from the passion I have when we make love.


I look at you. I remember the way you scream. I look at you with no judgment on what you can become or how the change has shaped you.

Pure bliss


I start to crave you.



I admire you. I accept you as the only one who can truly be yourself.


There is no need for comfort. I kiss you.

I  re-play our conversations. I help you look for what your silent dreams keep screaming and very few care to listen.

I care.

I listen.

You smile.

I smile.

You care.

You listen.

There is no “us”. Only you and me. Sometimes singular becoming plural.

We untangle our souls when plural starts to forget about singular.

We “punish” love in the most romantic way: being single together.

You are not what I’ve made you. I am within you, today, now. No promises about later.

I unleash the expectations, you bring the power to focus on the present; to write in the present tense.


I express our mutual gratitude, every day we make the decision to grow our love.

I honor

I let go

I open my humble smile to accept the hurtful space that rides among us somedays.

I play with FREEDOM, our limitless third wheel. Our ally.

I love you, because I love freedom. 


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