We Are Not Machines


We are not machines.
We are not all one being.
We may look at the same things but interpret those same things differently.
We are not machines.

A thick packet consisting of papers stapled together with lines of ink cotaining words may look like a simple packet to someone, 
or a failing grade to another, simply because simply because that student sitting across from another had a better education and a family that showed support, unlike the other. 
Yet we all have the same potential to do great things.
So instead of just stapling a bunch of papers together, passing them out and calling it teaching, Learn your students, learn how they learn, listen to them and recieve feedback. Open your heart, We share the same sky but we are all different.
We are not Machines.

We can be anything we want to be, but we have to work for it, so help us.
We are not Machines.



I just want teachers to know that we as students do can not always learn the same way as others. This is the first poem I have ever done.

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