The Girl with the Flaws

I look in the mirror

Reflecting back

I don't like what I see

Group of girls besides me

Looking pretty

Why can't that be me? 

They try to reassure me

I see the lies through their teeth 

Got a new wardrobe, face full of makeup

This isn't me

But all the boys started noticing me

I feel exposed

I don't like them watching me

I feel the pressure to socialize

But when I can't get the words out

I want to cry


I started spending my days inside

They went by and by

Not a single notification on my phone

I realized I was alone

Then along came spring 

And as the flowers bloomed

So did my spirits 

I looked in the mirror 

For once I smiled 

I finally liked what I see

By whatever means

With your posse, you were you

And set free, I was finally me. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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