Where My Motivation Lives


Feet on ground

Head in the sky

Making plans for the future

When I am barely getting by

Just happy to be smiling

So lucky to be alive

Whether money grows on trees

Or I am begging on my knees

Come laughter or come tears

I am proud to witness the world for all of my years

To carry my burdens or love

Anything I don't have I may dream of

Happy that I'm not a child

That never got to be born

To have the opportunity to see the world

To live and to mourn

Whether in terror or glee

Excitement or strife

We are all living free

Living beause we were gifted with life

Some people see the world as a cage

They couldn't be more wrong

Life is freedom

Freedom is forever long

I take a look around

I see where I'm at

I only have one chance at life

I find my motivation in that

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