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Samsun ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun eski eşya alanlar| Samsun eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun spot eşya alanlar| Samsun spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun ikinci el buzdolabı alanlar| Samsun antika eşya alan yerler
Bafra ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Bafra eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Bafra eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Bafra spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Bafra spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Bafra eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Bafra ikinci el buzdolabı alanl
Çarşamba ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Çarşamba eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Çarşamba eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Çarşamba spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Çarşamba spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Çarşamba eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Çarşamba ikin
Canik ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Canik eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Canik eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Canik spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Canik spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Canik eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Canik ikinci el buzdolabı alanl
Vezirköprü ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Vezirköprü eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Vezirköprü eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Vezirköprü spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Vezirköprü spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Vezirköprü eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun V
Terme ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Terme eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Terme eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Terme spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Terme spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Terme eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Terme ikinci el buzdolabı alanl
Tekkeköy ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Tekkeköy eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Tekkeköy eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Tekkeköy spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Tekkeköy spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Tekkeköy eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Tekkeköy ikin
Havza ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Havza eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Havza eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Havza spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Havza spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Havza eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Havza ikinci el buzdolabı alanl
Kavak ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Kavak eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Kavak eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Kavak spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Kavak spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Kavak eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Kavak ikinci el buzdolabı alanl
Ayvacık ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Ayvacık eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Ayvacık eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Ayvacık spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Ayvacık spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Ayvacık eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Ayvacık ikinci el b
Samsun Ladik ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Ladik eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Ladik eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Ladik spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Ladik spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Ladik eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Ladik ikinci el buzdolab
Samsun Asarcık ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Asarcık eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Asarcık eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Asarcık spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Asarcık spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Asarcık eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Asarcık ikin
Samsun Yakakent ikinci el eşya alan yerler| Samsun Yakakent eski eşya alanlar| Samsun Yakakent eski eşya alan yerler| Samsun Yakakent spot eşya alanlar| Samsun Yakakent spot eşya alan yerler| Samsun Yakakent eski mobilya alan yerler| Samsun Yakake
We always say that romance is dead, Rotting, a corpse with a hole in its head. Why indulge in the lies that we're fed, That romance had swam in shoes made of lead?   We are blind,
Shift the cogFinally, my finger touched the cogThat separated me from outside worldWhile in a dank and dark deep fogIn a hole that confirmed that all is weirdThe first sun rays were daggersMy iris cringed and my senses spokeHow long I have been ba
After all the hardships After all the long lingering days The sleepless nights. Things work itself out, Love shines bright.
Emotions high  Sparks fly high When he is high I feel high With each hi He makes my world go round  When he comes around I see no one around He's my world World of peace and happiness
Pride, like blind spot, before anybody shows; He who has mouth odor always the last to know.
In this modern world of hustle and bustle. When I hear the pages of a book, rustle.   At the end of the day when everyone is gone. In the darkness of the night when I feel alone.  
As vibrant as a summers glow As tough as woodchippers blade As soft as a silk woven robe But not as limited as a cloth but rather…. As intricate as persian rug
We was once there together living in hell but praying for better It was all worthwhile you raised me with care from a infant to a kid  From there i am here we moved as a unit was joined at the hip the heart 
We was once there together living in hell but praying for better It was all worthwhile you raised me with care from a infant to a kid  From there i am here we moved as a unit was joined at the hip the heart 
If I am the sheep then your are the shepherd you won’t reject me If I am the Prodigal then you are my father, you accept me If I am the Samaritan then you are my savior, you correct me
The Potter got out his lump of clayHe sat down and began to pray:"Father in heaven blessed are thee!Guide my hands and fill me with gleeLet me be infused with inspiration.
A dream been covered by darkness, fear and loneliness. Tears and my hunger being watch from a cellphone or a TV Tower
( to the tune of “Vogue”) By Beverly Stock   Stowe, Crosby, and Millay Thorpe and Wilcox had their way,   Sylvia Plath and Angelou.
  No One Noticed The Doughnuts.   Now That Be What? Unfocused!   No Buts!!
So now I see What I need to believe That the snakes around hate independence They will steal from you at your most defenseless Then kill you without repentance
Majestic grouper's boulder headrests on the green soft oceans edgelooking up to the sky as time tic-tocksnatures sculpture, chiseled rockeons have passed to mold its' bust
i know it’s coming with a sniff of my nosethe scent in the air lets me know it’s close.  the impending storm coming around the bendflowers will drink from what nature sends. 
The righteous day that the Heavens do fall, The love I have for you will remain strong. Though the sweet whisper of death still may call, The blaze in my heart will still prolong.
The King! The King! The King is dead! The Sword of Damocles went through his head. While sitting on his throne, there came an old crone. She used her last hair, to tie the sword above his royal chair.
My empathy is something I prize highly I know how to heal, to help people lightly I know what they need to hear and do This is a skill I'd even since young knew But heavily it takes it's toll
Hello again, father of mine. I haven't written one of these in a while, been some time I've calmed down since I've last wrote about you I'd like to think I've changed a little, at least in my point of view
I always wondered why humans made their own rules They made themselves seperate from animals like wolves and tigers, and mules What's the point of elegance and making oneself's rank higher
My professor wants me to analyze a poem  And why at the end there are two  Enjambèd lines with only one word.    Who wants to tell this idiot
It's easy to say I'm fine it's hard to say I'm good I'm doing great I'm doing better. Every day people always say or ask why are you like this your so cheerful.
I'm stuck with this Phobia. It's taking me, invading me. I'm locked with this Phobia. I'm shaking, freezing. I feel it. It's coming. Viciously growing, In my brain, my body.
I dedicate this portfolio to my Mom and Dad.   Every day was a struggle like weather that was unpredictable bad.   But days got better when you gave me a pat, 
I dedicate this portfolio to my Mom and Dad.   Every day was a struggle like weather that was unpredictable bad.   But days got better when you gave me a pat, 
I dedicate this portfolio to my Mom and Dad.   Every day was a struggle like weather that was unpredictable bad.   But days got better when you gave me a pat, 
You don’t even know me And I’ve never seen you trying I’ve only seen you pretend To love me, but you put that to an end You act like you know everything
I used to always cry my tears Sometimes I still do even throughout the years It’s not new, you’ve done this so long  But if you thought I wouldn’t grow strong
You know when your dad decides to move out on a whim? Yeah, then it's confirmed that you hate him He takes the dog, something that was keeping you hopeful, oh Willow
Stuck in the hustle of lifeAway, everyone's ready to drive Falling through the appaling landScattered alone like the heap of sand Her soul was looking for a mouldFinding someone who can perfectly hold
Did you ever even care about my opinion? If you didn’t know, I do have one I think that you’re a selfish, apathic a-hole And somedays I used to wonder if you even had a soul
You used to bicker, holler, and fight Yeah, I still heard, even though I was in bed at night How could one sleep when you were yelling at the top of your lungs? Been that way since I was young
God, I see it's not Your style That truths be reconciled. You gave us a law to put justice in place, But we null it all when you tell us "have Grace?"
"She was my little girl God, how I had loved her She was not made for me; even though you made her. Out of fine flesh and Earth she was made, then woven and threaded along head. She was ripe but not rough,
Year 2020 began just like any other year with January being cooler but spirits still higher February came and we heard of a thing called Corona that seemed distant and life went as usual
There I saw this nervous butterfly Searching for a secure place to land To calm her tiring pair of colourful wings But scared and afraid to trust strangers Having disowned by her own little group
When the dark of despair reigns my fair fate And my own cowardly urge engulfs all my light Will you care to stand by me even in the times When I'm strangulating with passion all my might?
Like everyone she too had a dream of her own A dream not something impossible to achieve A dream for which she dared even the deadliest virus Working days and nights doing what she loved
explore ever exploit never positive ever negative never growthism ever criticism never love ever hate never smile ever cry never construct ever destruct never
after a long time I stopped all my absurd crime i cleaned my wardrobe eventhough it was not an important one for the globe I found a CD caste I thought of doing it a taste i fed it to my computer system
my dear nurse! in this condition... talking to you, cures my depression... I'm in distress, my friends left me... watching you, is the reason i'm happy...
WHEN I DRENCHED INTO HER BEAUTIFUL EYES ____________________________ I, always, felt alone and insecure, while wandering in the world; The, depreviaton revealed inside my heart, told the untold miseries.
WHEN I DRENCHED INTO HER BEAUTIFUL EYES ____________________________ I, always, felt alone and insecure, while wandering in the world; The, depreviaton revealed inside my heart, told the untold miseries.
Desire to Inspire Scholarship Slam   Music inspires me to rock and to roll I listen to blues, to jazz, and to soul. There’s folk tunes and funk, and disco, too. Music inspires me.  How about you?  
The leaves gathered in the lifeless ground, While the wind danced around. I stood there looking at the scene, Thinking my life was like a machine.   
My future has been planned for me, and I must follow blindly.  Will I seize my freedom with force, or walk the easy course? It's easy to accept my fate,  but I'll carry the weight
No mile between us, no amount of time Is ever long enough to call you mine.  When days get tough anf we face tough weather, We'll stand in the rain, dancing together. From moments of pain to joyous ones too, 
Education is key to maturing the mind. Without it, all of mankind Would be hopelessly blind,
The Sun, and moon and stars cannot compare To the greatness of my love for you Not even the sight of diamonds rare Could overpower your gift of beauty true The stars are jealous of your glowing face
Bright light, cool air, New life, feet bare.  Soft coos, faint cries, New love, mom tries.  So small, so dear, New dad, many fears.  Child grows, new life,  New home, new wife.
Bright light, cool air, New life, feet bare.  Soft coos, faint cries, New love, mom tries.  So small, so dear, New dad, many fears.  Child grows, new life,  New home, new wife.
i look around myself and im startled at what i see millions of other people who love and live like me   we may be different some on surface or beneath but all together people
Have you ever seen a color and thought about what it would be like as a person? I wonder if it's personality is visible and certain.   How yellow sings when it sees the sun,
Have you ever seen a color and thought about what it would be like as a person? I wonder if it's personality is visible and certain.   How yellow sings when it sees the sun,
Did you know she was hurt Did you know everyone treated her like dirt Did you know she was crying all the way home Did you know everyone left her all alone
No matter how close or no matter how far The paths I take and the people I meet  Though the ideas and sights may seem bizarre  The lessons and experiences cannot be beat 
Walking down the hallway, Looking at the people I see on this day, There's the Jocks, the Scenes, the Gays, The Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and the Emos saying "I'm okay", The Mean Kids, the Tomboys, the Girly-Girls,
Sides a flutter, do note deprive, All but the shutter, it is but alive. No words to reveal, Nor times to unshield. Believe in only one's own, Yet follow the severed sides that shiver endlessly,
For awhile I've been down I hadn't smilied, always a frown I had been depressed My life's a mess, super stressed Used to slit my wrists But now I'm balling up my fists
Every time my Dad's family hangs out, they tell a story. Whether the story is old or new, they tell them all.   At my former church the congregation was my family,
Cold have been my dreams of late, Petty reflection upon my cruel fate, Sleepless, brutal, unyielding rest it became, Wicked Sand Man, my dreams he cannot tame,
Texas.don.g.nutt59.sipping no slipping straight tripping xtra clipping round after round any city balla state texas great still me in the mix real life street beef doggy dawgg bite into deep as i creep blowing smoke still no choke to the chain tex
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.just me just me still me alone as me no one else to be just me the ontake of breath the inhale exhale of good health no bad smiff just me as i come as i stand the lone dark of a black man just me i kneel i heel to life the
Those days when we sang, we poured our hearts and souls into everything we played Those days we were the same, we had little years of age we had room to make mistakes Those days were torn away,
On the velvety grass, lying, Your fingers fit in my fingers, Under moonlit night, vying, Dancing droplets of winters. You slip to me urging to hold, Love's longings yearn to unfold.
Watching often the drowning sun, Along with besetting brown evening. Life challenges you can't just run, As you are slave ,not a sovereign.
When you are clueless what to do and what not to do When the wall ahead seems too high to cross When the road uphill seems too stiff to climb When the task in hand looks insurmountable to fulfil
Ghosts fade in the wind Savage beast with human skin   Sing and rejoice As the king makes his choice   Children muted by fate Bruises taint their small gait  
Father says to fly to the sun, To outstretch my arms and reach for fame But be careful, he says, my son, Because there is a deadly thing too terrible to name.
Whosoever should soar to great heights Shall encounter there no earthly delights But instead will grasp with empty hand Treasures found not upon land At least, that's what Icarus was told
Now, Medusa was never thought To be the one, oh so hot! Or the one that caught a glance
Down the rivers, waterfalls, lakes, streams, creeks The waters should be wary of the company that comes close to its mud rich borders Listen close, not to the woods that gives you its greetings
The tub fills, the pain runs deep I sit in this tub and began to weep Emotions bottled up inside with nowhere to go  But Iv'e had enough. They began to flow I cry and cry as I sit there. Trying to drown my troubles
texas.don.g.nutt,59.poem,all eyes on me i see the look upon me to smooth to right to tight alleyes for the night its the hype gt crunk gangsta funk back an foward c.walking with a g,glyde reaping texas south southern east side all eyes focused on
texas.don,g,nutt,59,poem,so, real so nice so right so dedicated for me to be me so compassionately me as i stroll to the next faze in this lime you see the realness i be i have begun this is the beganing of just won dedicaited to me im the
texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,beautifulman.beautiful man she likes she want she needs a beautiful man such as me i can see it in her eyezs, from the smile on her face to the feeling of her touch she adores the compassion of me so much a beautiful man i
texas.don.g,nutt.59.poem.devia,devine,so devia devine she is from the long maine hair to her pretty color eyezs, this devia devine so cute she rich thick devia typa chick bad in the face bad in the body she right she tight she me for just the nigh
I like to imagine Ganymede, famed wine-bearer of the pantheon, to be a skilled bartender despite his youthful naivete   Perhaps his wish is, using his nightly tips, to care for his father
After eons of rule and omnipotence, The God’s grew sick of their own importance. Together they chose to settle down, And run a school in a tiny town.
After eons of rule and omnipotence, The God’s grew sick of their own importance. Together they chose to settle down, And run a school in a tiny town.
texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.she beautifully beautiful, from her walk to her talk to the way she move she got groove she to smooth from her long hair to her bodily body to the way she caress with care her soft femmine hands she beautifully beautiful th
texas.don,g,nutt59,poem so tipsy up wide awake stumbeling around an round like a drunk in distress missery upon my heart an chest notblessed troubled man of no trouble to be tipsy as me so tipsy so tipsy as i move forward with stride move
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem,my world, my world my life my time this world right in the poem of my hands like the almighty god im so upper above my world is right tight the best to ever shine to forever become the known of a poeatic poem of write to sp
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem.girlfriend,tight so right for anyday anynight anytime a smile a glow beauty beautifully she is the one to see the one to  know the one to have to want to really be this girlfriend just have to be to see to touch to hold to
 Amid the millennia to passLived many who would seek to surpassVenerated wise men, to whom the years had not been kind,Instilled with a thirst they could not bindSearching more than just a whimSo it was until we became like him.  Welcoming answers
Ignorance grows like apples in an orchard.  They stare into the void,  Not realizing they are walking into it.   He makes the world eat out of his palm,
Hercules was known as the schools most popular jock, He was the most well-known kid on the block. But then there was Megara, You could tell she was not meant for a tiara. Science class then came,
Hercules was known as the schools most popular jock, He was the most well-known kid on the block. But then there was Megara, You could tell she was not meant for a tiara. Science class then came,
I still remember the day that I had to leave it all And move to the city where I felt so small Blue skies turned grey but we had to stay My family didn’t have a choice
The moment I was introduced to the world, I had it all to myself.  My parents gave me all their love, Spent with me all their time, Cared for me unconditionally.
She wakes up, her only thought is morning cartoons; Years later, she wakes up, and it’s half-past noon. She ties her sneakers with a picture of Dora on the side;
O what a charming blue day! Twittering birds had so much to say But much duller inside, where boredom did hide,
Ever since she was a little girl She wanted to know how to succeed in our world They said in order for you to slay College is the way
Aren’t we all just children Bursting inside with joy and naïveté?   Do we ever really grow up Even when we think we’ve found our way?   My elders say “Look how you’ve grown,”
My is name kanehsia gardner here my poem about family   Families are people who care about you  My family is special your family is too Mother and father and sister, brother, grandma, grandpas and some 
Introducing the new meNah not the guy you wanted to seeBut the man I was meant to beBut before I introduce you to the new me let’s take a tripA trip I call my life
Middle school I had so many questions Unanswered and confused I listened to the lessons I never understood-I was unamused  
As I walk down this road Two arms by my side, One path in my mind With no one to help decide
The summer of 2012 I was sitting on the porch On my right was my big sister of course We sat there talking as if life was okay Then she told me some news that blew me away
Once on that swing I tried to hold on, to cling Not knowing of the prognostication to come I was naive, small, still sucking on my thumb A figure, teaching me to rock forward--it was my mum
Childhood is a riddle Sometimes it’s a mess From primary, high, and middle There is something I must confess   Life is something vast
  Walking along the halls Like any other day Going to the band room To melt the stress away   I see my band director Doing a normal task I walk on over to him
innocent minds laid to rest subjected to a physical test  of strength and power through pain what do those men gain why am I treated like this do they think their comments give us bliss
The numbers on my phone screen glared me in the face. Another week 'till payday-- I wouldn't make it at this pace.  Movies and icecream, fun, and spending galore
he was shot, In the back. We knew what was comIng, we had for a while, the man came to our doorStep, but didn't make a sound. we knew He was here to take, not to give, the man began to steal, to rob and to threat.
We are not designed to go through motions, But intended to fulfill devotions. Now that I seized my dream, I have something new to bring.
It is said that the first thing we see is a bright light One which often I could not again egnite I grew angry and had  no grattitude But, I could never hate you For that light gave me life
Growing up seemed fun to me, Until I no longer fit on dad's knee.  Counting how many years I had left of school, Knowing it's my learning tool.  One day I no longer had,  All my friends, just my dad. 
I glow and grow when I learn new things Like navigating new places I learn to live and mingle making friends And bonding with new friendly face Everyone will pay attention to hip new trends
When I was young, I was energetic and wild I sang with the birds and daily laughed and smiled I discovered the Earth’s beauty and all that’s in it
Long did I wander in mountains of green Around me was nothing of man to be seen. My friends and I walked across mountains so high It seemed we could reach up to touch the blue sky. No longer a boy, I walked as a man
Grow up to make wake up the world Grow up to save the honests,trolled Grow up to write your name in bold Grow up to give a lesson to world
Bayiguqulile inhliziyo yakho ngami, basho izinto ezikwenza ube namahloni ngami, wathatha wabeka,kwasho kwenzeka isinqumo sokungikhipha enhlizweni yakho.   Bayiguqulile inhliziyo yakho ngami,
The single years that feltbest described as decades; Spent in time isolated, alone and confused Maturing made difficult; Flashing back to those years, feels like time fades.  
Come live with me and be my love So I shall pray to God above On lonely days and gloomy nights You are my hope and source of light   When we first met I gave my heart It was never meant for us to part
I fear being in the wrong Me, on the other end of the spectrum   And i do not do wrong very well Unadulterated anger and bitterness coursing shamelessly through my veins
Who will be there for me when I cry Who will be there to catch me fall Who willl be there when I want to die Who will be there when I need to call Here inside reality I feel like there's no one there
The caterpillar has been eating green, dull, leaves all her life Not giving a care Not caring about what is happening in her environment She is too busy eating leaves
    I've been sitting here admiring your face  Lord knows  this is your place    i want you for me  you don't need nobody else no It's so plain to see
    I've been sitting here admiring your face  Lord knows  this is your place    i want you for me  you don't need nobody else no It's so plain to see
I find beauty in great heights, but that's my biggest fright. To soar above the clouds like a bird, It would leave me speechless, without a word. Yet I sit upon this tall rock, Surrounded by the river's flock
Cold wet toes hug the sandpaper edge
The first step friggid & icy Engulfing, enticing do not let it take you Warm & inviting nurturing, breakthrough  
Oh dear! oh dear! I wish you could hear The depth of my fear The drop of my tears Which cannot be compared To the creamy whisper to your ear Oh dear...
Poem  The Truth Stands Alone By ARKTruth says no one is with me, I stand alone I call for help but saw, everyone is gone Sometimes I am hidden, sometimes I am shown The lie is abundant, but is a slave  I am free and I am brave  Liars are bound to
ACADEMIC TESTS Oh these tests, Superflous academic tests. No time to prepare For entrance tests.
Police chasing ghetto boys like cat and rat just because they smoking weed for thinking further than them.
The Hate I Give is from you This Is Your Actions And Results and i accept it The Votes Never Turn Out In My Favor why for My Surroundings Are Affected By Your Mistakes
  All power means Is Pointless Oppression Without Even Respect I am powerless But that’s what makes my actions powerful  
Finding your voice is not easy to do. It all starts with a problem you need to get through. After trying to deal with it all by yourself, You think, "maybe I should look outside myself."
Ode: (n.) a poem meant to be sung Hands touch, hearts jump, all of my senses start to go numb. Love strikes, arrows fly, how did he make me become so shy.
I don’t even know where to begin My whole world has collapsed I feel like an unwanted sin How do you tell someone you’ve relapsed? The pain I see in my friend’s eye The immense guilt she feels crushes me
I never knew someone tired or true But my father loved me through and through Even when I broke my bike And dropped my grades for a girl I liked
I kneel in gratitude to thank you,For all of the hope you have given me.Without your help, there would be nothing.I wouldn’t have the chance to be free. I needed you and you were there to provide.I wanted acceptance but you showed love.And althoug
Became a protector overtime And kept me up throughout the whole climb. Teaching me something new as the days pass. A lesson that could never be taught in a class. The Golden Lesson was to know that I was worthy.
    For Jesse    You’re a work of art, a flawless masterpiece I fall in love with everything you release  Your music is a treasure greater than gold 
Here's to the duo that raised me as an equal I look upon them both as treasured friends who make my heart full. Two opposites working in tandem, It's about time I sit down and thank them.
You've been my fan, you've been my teacher You've been my friend, you've been my preacher I've learned some valuable lessons from you From your words and the things you do I hope I don't leave and let you down
Sometimes it feels as if you are not there  But sometimes it feels as if ypu are there  You are on the ground laughing  Enjoying the life of a lifetime  Like it is your last day 
As a child you were held, kissed and felt love.  You knew she cared about you and seemed like an angel sent from above.  But imagine never receiving affection. 
O Sis, could I love thee like no other. For before my young eyes only squinted, A face inoffensive to our mother. I was, but a statue: black and minted.   Did not my ears think or care to listen
Crucify my heart not my mind, I did not know what your heart seeks, neither did a thing hip my mind if loving you was so wrong. I gave you my all, you gave me a smile, neither did I know that was pains on your face.
If smiles were everything, I swear you would see the results of how much you mean to me on my face every single second you look at me, you are a star that rendered my heart excitement, thee moon that descript I, thee moon that dreams my heart, and
My coach is someone who cares Someone who works hard, despite his gray hairs During the tough times or the relaxed days I always strive to hear his praise The praise of a coach is not easily earned
In the beginning it wasn’t all playgrounds and curly slides But rather husbands at my moms blue bedside  No long term relationships  But now I know what it is No comfort in stability
Your words are like a blanketThat covers me soft and warmThat whispers reassurancesLike an anchor in the storm.
The spider had crawled in from the depths of the unknown The girl, seeing the creepy crawler, screamed to her bones Oh, wait a minute! Amongst the shadows in the dark Lies a man as strong as a shark
I want to say thank you For showing me how to love, But more importantly How to give Without an ulterior.   I want to say thank you
Thankyou anxiety! For everything I thought I couldn't do, for the moments I felt blue because of you, and convinced myself I was a fool for not loving you.  
The hustle and bustle of the world, My world granted, Would continue even with my mind enchanted.   Remembering the beginning, Underrepresenting what there was to offer.
What has poetry taught me? To analyze critically, To use my brain, To harness my thoughts Into a train That leads me to A never-ending expanse Of knowledge of learning, Of a second chance.
It's like he doesn't wanna be with me anymore, he looks at me and doesn't see what he use to see anymore all day Fighting it's like we couldn't agree anymore .. I do anything to get answers and just to be with you more but
Poetry to me is not some Centipede     -Not just a little Inconsequential-     But rather a place Where I can face
a sky of blackbirds and blue jays  does never cross my mind   as much as deserts and cacti all be in short supply.   and though i of the sea proclaim the safety of my heart  
Forever, ever, and ever ago, There once was a boy who loved someone so; Creative and inquisitive this boy was, And quite the secret keeper for only because. Whom is the one for he cared about though?
Here we stand with hands on hearts Pledging, crying in the dark You control us with your laws And point out all our flaws But when we do the same to you We're traitors, terrorists or communists, to name a few
I am not saying I’m suicidal,I think I just get tired easily,It’s always a battle of survival,To fight to live a life successfully,
I see a dove, a dove without its wings, Like it cannot fly, one cannot be free,  And so my heart inquisitively sings, What is the freedom that one can agree? For possessing not freedom is what feeds:
Your beauty can’t compare to anyone,  sends me shivering from the sight of you, wishing to talk with you by one-on-one, If only I could find the courage to, every single second of every day, 
People all over the world are dying. Their prayers and hopes turn into crying. Turn on the news and what do we see but another catastrophe, now multiplied by three. Seeing talks of nothing but things like war.
I feel alive Niggas wishing that I died I recall being back up on the lines Now I'm out cutting ties Cutting ties Realest truth, always mention, I'd advise Table tension while you waiting on a sign
 One day I picked a daisy Full of life and flower dreams Some may say I’m crazy But I'm telling you it sings   Tonight it hums a playful tune
Two Minutes Every year, there are more and more damaged humans, from every age, race, gender, and places. Those predators are shameless and ruined
I live in the woods of the plain I cheer the world And hear your name In the Shells of the river pearled
Dear Class of 2018, R. D. Wilson School is where it began. I remember like it was yesterday— Talking about princesses and Batman, Looking forward to lunch with Mr. K.   
Dear Death,To you I've never cowered underYet casualties of those I loveWill tear my life asunder
Complete and utter mystery is what you represent You give me situations that are sometimes good and sometime bad You indifferently do your work without anybody’s consent
Dear Family, I know that times are hard. I can't say I understand it all,Though I can say that I've had many a fallDue to our problems and strife.I can definitely say that this is not what I wanted for a family life.
Dear User,   From this point on, your name shall not be said, It doesn't deserve to be embedded in anyone's head   You fooled me thinking that you were the one.
Dear future  mental illness,    The thought of your presence frightens me,  It keeps me up at night,  Propels my heart into frenzy, And strikes me with all might.   
Dear Mum,   I’m writing this letter to express my gratitude for all you’ve done for (to) me.
Dear Brother,   Five years is all it took For everything to fall apart.     Year One Superman was nothing
Dear, God   I am writing to you to inform you about my life Lately I have been going through a little strife My mom and dad have recently separated
Dear Life,    You come in at the worse time,     Hitting me like a semi-truck,       All at the flip of a dime,       But that’s just my luck.  You come pouring down like rain,        Just ruin my parade,     Just to laugh at my pain,I can feel th
Dear Society,             Isn't it funny how as human beings were are all LABELED, Did you know that some labels can cause people to become quite unstable?
At first I was very skeptical about this Love was not my worst or best suit And ours could've been a hit and miss Until I finally grew and went to pursuit A smile rose like the sun in the morning
Dear Mom,   Through all my obnoxious quirksYou deal with me.   College visits, time and time again
They all think I'm running away, but I'm flying towards day.
  Dear God Why do you let me down? I pray and pray, yet I still frown. Is it something wrong with me? Are my morals blinding me? Is everything that I live by binding me to its rules?  
Please be calm, whispers can't help Speak the truth not your mindLet's be real, only then we can get good resultNo insult Have you seen a righteous been forsaken?The truth will speak for itself Not necessary with wordsDon't push it, it will fight
Could you look me in the eye and tell me that I'm crazy? Or could you tell me to stop believing anything you say? You make things seem quite hazy As if it's some sick joke to want me to stay.  
My lifeline is getting shorter and shorter One of these nights will be the last for me But you're having the time of your life I wish I could absorb this from you The light at the end is getting bigger
Dear Girl, You were on my mind for days and restless nights I wondered if your thought and mine mirror In my mind, perpetually love and fear fight We grew apart but I wish we were nearer
Dear Eyes of Sight, You're the Beauties of the world. What would life be without your pearls?   Would we have skyscrapers that tower us all? Would we have battles
Dear Mom and Dad, It’s in sight now, and I can finally see The finish line, it’s within reach for me. I know you want me to be the best I can be,
Dear Zach,    Although we are miles apart, you are always with me in my heart. Seasons change, I'm not okay, but darling our stars remain the same.   I need you'r help for I'm not myself,
Enter high school, he becomes my comrade, Offers me happiness and shares my sad.   Smiles every day, he’s always optimistic, Where can you find this characteristic?
How did she land in this rejected space? This inquiry clung to her, violently. Yet, the taste of her lips and soft embrace. For now, she would have to sit silently.  
Dear myself,   Why did you do that? Can’t you see them looking at you? They think you’re a scaredy cat   Why did you say this?
Fear and insecurity run rampant through her mind. Anxiety riddled nights that are truly one of a kind. In a panicked, crumpled mess curled up in a corner, She grieves for her sanity; and so she becomes a mourner.
Counting calories day and night, Wondering if I should take this bite. Anxiety muddled and riddled through; Left feeling empty and 'whatever do I do'??
As you spoke, He listened-- Or you assumed so   Sometimes he accidently Dropped the phone As you spoke long narratives,  
She walks home cautiously, peering down the street The man in this darkness she does not want to meet But still, he closely follows Locking the door, she feels strangely hollow
Dear Parents, Sometimes I wish you could see All the pressure you put on me I know you try to make me prepared But there's something you need to be made aware
She has decided to walk away Because, you did not treat her right Nothing but a chaotic scene Situations sadly, ended in a fuss or fight Face the reality of the matter She often drowned in tears
The winds howl at the stroke of midnight giving the little girl a fright She notices that there is an open doorway The light illuminating the way
my is there when i need her when im sad she makes my l she there when i need her  my friend shinse like a star she shinse brighter then the stars times 3 if you ask my friend 1 or 2 if we are together she with say ya oh my friend times 9 my friend
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Dear future me, I hope that you are able to see How far you have come
Dear Reality,
As I walk into the room, I put my head to the floor Their thoughts and expressions im trying so hard to ignore What people think of me is a burden I always bare Im shaking with nervousness hoping they don't stare
To the girl with hair like the sun, to the girl whose voice reaches out to the angels. I cannot speak. Words washed away
Dear America,   I’m angry, disappointed, and wondering how, You fell so far from the tree’s highest bough. You grew and grew, and were once number one,
Leaning on a wooden desk in a crowded, rowdy class, I look around to find the best of students, who just might pass. I notice a trend within the room, the tension that can only soon
Let me wake another day  Only to see his naked face Violence in your cocaine heart Every night, we are together "Because I love you", words once said But why do you make me wish I was dead?
#BecauseILoveYou   Because I Love You, I cannot not see tears float down your eyes Because I Love You, I want to see your smile as wide as the sky  
I discovered what love needs to be And that is what has made me free When I am healthy inside I can open my heart so wide And let you in without fear Knowing I have made myself clear
Because I love you, I decided to stay I listened to every possible excuse that you had to say   Because I love you, I clung on until the very end
Winter is coming soon We will admire the bright full moon And curl up together by the fire Our love taking us both higher   My heart thrums for him only He's the reason I'm not lonely
Oh, dear God,Please give me grace.The through eyes of loveI view each face. The face of evil,The face of hate,This be my prayer,Though pray I late
and will you have me describe to you such loves for you that press me? how do i start telling of the gold and purple my heart contains for you, for i love you too much
You make me healthy and old I always wanna hold you during the night to keep you safe and hold you tight I never look at anyone else I love you more than myself I would do anything for you
As our garden the grow Celandine brush us as we look to beyond We always display to each other the sweetpeas Never once have red dahlia grow here The white heathers is what I wish to dress you in
I've been moving my lips for years and years,but no words burst forth, there are so few listening ears.  I search and I search for someone who would understand,but my fears and failures seem so out of hand.  All these faces around me- I quiver lik
Because I love you This is a phrase That will live on this earth for the rest of my days Driving, thriving, surviving forward
I thought we were in love. I thought you'd stay forever. But you left me,  You never replied.   Until one day- You said you were protecting me. You said you weren't good enough for me.
I close my eyes  before I sleep Hoping that my heart will keep, Wishing that it all won't end Praying that my soul defends, Wanting more but showing less Pleeding for one last breath,
I understand not the ideals of love, but I know it is a book without words. Maybe there are no carnations and doves,
Because I love you, I am in control The marks I leave behind are black and blue I know that my love is taking its toll But know that I suffer, it’s not just you
The kiss of a warming sunray the touch of a morning breeze all work together to say good day as springtime begins to tease the smell of pollen oh so sweet carried upon a quiet zephyr
It's 10 o'clock and I'm still awake I have all this energy for goodness sake! The jitters and the critters and the crawlies in my pants Just won't seem to give me a chance! to sleep, close my eyes and get some rest.
Stars don’t twinkle as bright as they did when I longed for their warmth Mountain peaks are tangible; Thoughts of you can calm the storm Ocean depths aren’t deep at all in comparison to our talks
The weight of the world, a weight on the shouldershealed with the bonds of the hearts and their holders   Busy the world, the hassle it can bestill standing side by side the holders that see  
Tonight, my son, I always wished to see, A woman with you, dressed a wife to-be. My breaths decided could be so, yet, Peace I have, not’ve meeting her my regret.
Because I love you I thought it was okay,  Because I love you I left it all at bay, Because I love you I let it all happen, Because I love you I thought I was in a haven,
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
I don't want to take you home, I just want to take it slow Why don't we just dance the night away? Is that okay?   Don't get me wrong, I think you're beautiful But I don't want to do something
The most important thing: don't hurt me Though I may anger you don't hurt me   Like a flower I see you blossom Instant relief no grief don't hurt me   I'm happy beyond worldy aspects
because i Love you i want you to make your own choices i don't want you to be impacted by the voices because i Love you i won't judge when you listen to country
when you call me beautiful         is it for love? when you hold me close         is it for love? when you kiss me         is it for love?   when you call her beautiful
If you wait for your destiny,Then your destiny will be to wait.  
“ CINDERELLA!!!”                        “ CINDERELLA!!!!!!” “ CINDERELLA !!!!!!!”   Here our heroine lies On the floor for the daiy cries
INTRODUCTION Gather round and listen here, To my tale of pain and fear, Father good, stepmother sordid, Children with a fate quite horrid,
Humans, they fear us because of our size. through no fault of our own, its us they despise. We have a right to what's ours, so leave us alone. Don't climb that beanstalk, stay out of our home.
The queen had decided for the day, That she and Snow White would go out to play. Out to the forest where they could explore, For young Snow White had never ventured there before.
Once upon a time, in 2017, Humpty Dumpty decided to go green. Snow White and the seven dwarfs became YouTube stars while Ariel spent her time driving expensive cars. The Fox and the Hound act on broadway
Once upon a time, in 2017, Humpty Dumpty decided to go green. Snow White and the seven dwarfs became YouTube stars while Ariel spent her time driving expensive cars. The Fox and the Hound act on broadway
One night as a princess was going to bed, her mother, the queen, came to her and said, "I told you to balance your diet. Now PLEASE, stop your complaining and swallow these peas."
Once upon a time my beloved asked me to swallow a potion and dive into the sea a flipper I'd adopt, with fish friends and curiosity to seek for my love: an item with best quality
Composed with envy atop his brick wall A gust of wind coursing through his veins   Humpty Dumpty sat and pondered, with tears in his eyes as he studied his broken remains  
My story is known by children near and far, With parts both real and bizarre.  I was cursed as a baby by an enemy fearful, And rewarded with parents paranoid and tearful. Despite my guardians attempts to prevent it,
If a poem had ears, What would it hear?  
Once upon a time...   A dandelion rested upon my hair It was happy, it was content there   Then one day a boastful prince came On this day the dandelion floated away  
I know a few lost boys They wear skirts too small and pants too big They handcraft their own toys They shave off their hair and try on a wig   They wish for time to pass but not to grow old
He lived in a warm bubble, I lived surrounded by cool stone. Body of a man, mind of a child, refusing to grow old. a relationship foraged out of loneliness, we systematically weaved through the motions.
  P       L           I              N                 K There plunks another silver wish, Down into my depths with a swish, Whispers of love and wealth catch my ears,
Once Upon A Time There was a piper. Not just any piper, But a piper with a magical flute. As he played his flute, Children would follow, But what happened one day
I'm making wishes, but I still didn't do the dishes   Who would've thought that 11:11 is all I've got?    Am I in lust?  or will it turn to dust?    The moon shines bright
Dearest Lover, You are not under my covers.   Where are you, my Love? I was promised I would find my dove.  
My Fiery Anger_Fear it, for it burnsDread it, until it returnsLike a heated furnace it melts a frozen ironShatters any victim, piercing than a sharpen fierce thorn
The mocking mystery, the subtle secrets, 
I resist my fear, I don't believe in division, I fight against fake news, nothing will cloud my vision. We are all human: I refuse to rufuse any refugees. I fight before all against hatred; love is our destiny.
America the free, America the brave America where I am looked down upon for the cadence of my name America where my people are slaughtered in the streets America where murderers with a badge walk free
The choice to succeed The choice to fail How do we choose? We cry in laughter We cry in pain Which one are we after? Our country, our home But do we feel safe? The struggles we face
"I love you," I say as we dance, Your hand fits perfectly in my hand. The movements that are made, Continue as the music fades. We fake smiles and confidence, I've walked miles to confront us.  
They want to help the minority, Why not start with the majority. We've got corrupt corporations,Taking over the whole nation. Monsanto is for sure a tout, Suing all the farmers without a doubt.
Fuck your salt I’m just saying Why is it pink and Himalayan? As for your sea salt, it's no surprise It's organic, coarse And iodized
U.S.A, the red, white, and blue The land of opportunity. But not for me and you.
I'm not my smile, my body, my hairI'm not my faceI'm the power behind a fire, the air in a tire, the intention of inspiration I'm a childA child who wants to skip down the streetHug everyone I meet
For my country, my heart swells with pride; The land where my rights are upheld, and never denied.   But I must confess, Our country is a constant work in progress.   To me it’s a shrouded mystery,
What I want to know is Why there's riots in the streets  Why people can't afford to eat  Why my black friends are scared And hoping that their lives can be spared  People are a mess 
Oh, say can you see, The stress society puts on me, By the dawn's early light, Race wars and conflicts are our plight. What so proudly we hail, Because of indifferene is starting to fail.
The crack of dawn, a brand new day Uncertain of the future, but facing it anyway The warrior dons his gear and walks outside Sounds of war never seeming to subside He can't make himself face the enemy again
“I think to call it love would be too much. It’s all a passing phase,” I shrug and say. But still I smolder at the slightest touch.
If I would look back at twenty-sixteen I’d find myself stuck at home all the time And oh, what a boring sight to be seen Before I found my favorite pastime.  
This year was crazy and wild, Tons of papers to get filed. Work and lambs filled my days, Finishing Highschool left me in a daze. Now I'm in college, Getting lots of knowledge.
A year ago, I was terrified of senior year coming Now it is in full swing.   Last spring, my mother was my chauffeur  Now, I drive in my blue punch buggy without her.  
Upon a time it first was bornFrom a wedding reception box with wrapping tornLetting light fall upon the newlyweds' giftSoon began to move the infant child's fists A red, roman numeral clock
She kept things to herself and hardly spoke up She thought she could hide ir, But in her face, everything would blow up. Why can't she just understand and see? Back down and give up
Ever changing into someone new Must be life’s way of saying “boo!” Out of the house and on my own, I don’t want to take out another loan. I’ll make things work.
How many cries in final goodbyes? How many tries until love finally dies?
  The night before last, when I laid down in bed A familiar dream wandered into my head.   I was an apartment, that I knew was my own.
Mother you promised me With pinkies and wallahi’s and everything in between You promised we would be free   Every day I wake up wanting to flee With soundtracks of bombs and screams foreseen
  Through jaded geomancy and blurred fantasy I perceive Shapes broad and thin, sights bright and grim, Approaching growth to gain but with the excitement I grieve,
The world is changing. For better, or for worse? Last year people seemed to overlook me In my surroundings I felt cursed What did I done wrong? I asked I received no answer, so I wore a mask
Will you return to me, Boomerang I throw Away from me in anticipation. Of your quick return I have yet to know, But it shall to the unfortunate one. Facing the dark forest of no return,
In the beginning years, I was obsessed with self-destruction It's funny how skilled a ragid edge is at seduction To think one could have saved me is a lie A brain who's path was wired for goodbye
Self by Michelle Late evenings spent studying, laced with caffeine The latter half of that night spent in bed, pondering How the stranger in the mirror looks so different, so grown
Self  by Michelle L. Late evenings spent studying, laced with caffeine The latter half of that night spent in bed, pondering How the stranger in the mirror looks so different, so grown
  The last year has been a slippery slope. Junior year is like walking a tight rope. They say get ready for the SAT
Can you see my eyes?  Do they tell lies?    Do you search deep?  Or do you just peep?    Can you see under the layer?  The thick layer of amber?    Which hold captive,
  Many mark their place, Upon my delicate face.   Humanity hides under covers, While fake expressions hover.   My masks can save, The nagging crave.  
When the sun sets on this lonely old town, hills golden at noon soon dim to brown.   Shadows stretch over this quiet expanse, People only live here by circumstance.   Capering voices fade away,
Sweet something sweet you. At night my mind kept I Awaken, prescription for my thoughts were you.Can were thee words that came out of my mouth,You became the worries of my soul. Fondness restricted,Your you was is the key to thee heart of i.
The way that the sun sets and the sky looks as if it’s on fire, Sitting on the edge looking down endless rows of trees and wanting to be even higher,  
It doesn't take much to change a mind, unless you have one just like mine. A choice was given to me just last year, And I could only think "Oh dear, Oh dear." I had to choose, go left or go right,
I am cheerful and life is full of joy, Everyone around me say it is true, Whenever I bake sweets I think, "Oh boy!" I bring smiles whenever I am in view.
I tell myself until I believe it 
Life spans are finite, our days have a limit Which begs of the game why we’re even in it. If everything known must come to some end, What makes what yet hasn’t a thing to defend?
we live in amerikkka and they say we are free. but we are secretly being put back into slavery. they call or men thugs and our women whores we retaliate but get pushed on the floor.
Night—I’ve loved you long time. Your shadows no longer scare me, as I have finally realized that you provided my mind, restless with questions
When days are dreadful and they drag one down, The act of finding bliss is cumbersome. A time where the world was your own playground, Playtime came before personal income. Far away. Go back. Rewind.
24 hours in a day Too few, I say Five to Sleep and Eight for School With Ten hours left, not cool.   I’m at an age Where work fills the rest of today’s page On a good day, an hour to read
Every day I wake early for school to make knowledge my tool for use in the career that I choose so that I will never lose but in order to succeed I need to function at full speed
If you be pencil I be the paper If you be the outlet I be the plug If you be the table I be the chair If you be the soprano
I'm always one to love the desert blunt. I will walk out in dust-- and back in dust. I will outwalk the fartest water font.   I will look o'er the bleakest barren crust. I will pass by people who want inside
Music of the night Iis always a delight  When the night is fur And he music is mur Of SammyJean House cat kitty queen
Sunrise means golden skies, in the quiet of the morn. With new dreams and new hopes in the silence I am born.
It is never not there. For its beautiful glare, the sunrise of Nature's glory, is nothing but fair. Awaken to its light. Dear friends in sight. The planets surround it,
Some girls say you was my biggest mistake. But you wanna know I say, you were not a mistake. You were a lesson from the tears in my eyes I'm confessing. One of my biggest fears was losing you.
On this fine summer day No school in session, the kids are wild The sun progresses turning attitudes mild One hundred this morning, two hundred by noon Furrowed brows all around, white shirts a lagoon
When life is rough, When things get tough, If everything goes wrong, I sing a song.   It makes me glad, So I'm not sad. I could sing all day long. I sing a song.  
Bounce, Bounce I jump with strength, every ounce I grab the ball and it sets me free I feel like the best me I grab the ball and begin to dribble I feel anxious, but just a little
I sat at my computer for ten minutes or more Hoping a great idea would breeze through the door Poetry is a gift to man not easy to tame
Why didn’t I go into poetry? Interest didn’t jolt, but was awaken Solving all puzzles in geometry Notably, she had left my legs shaken   I had to establish a connection
"It will be great," they tell me. "You will make friends," they tell me. It feels like nobody sees what I see.   "Hangs things up on your blank wall," "Make sure you remember to call."
this is a poem to my                      Sister                           Alexa who isn't afraid to say what's Real          who has been my Shepherd through the worst times
Your words faintly brushed through my ear and your hands were all over me physically promising me I was your last.   This was you. I'll take some responsibility, but listen to me
I've heard of poetry and read about it too but never thought of the doors it would open for me and you I had the power in my hands  to connect with my inner self, a girl whose held back many words
Poetry is love, poetry is life, Poetry has helped me through much of my strife. I always can write, never can stop. It makes my heart skip and hop. There’s something so beautiful, so simple, so bright;
The very first time, I wanted to rhyme Was when I first read Shel Silverstein   He told me where the sidewalk ends But little did we know that’s where it began   Runny Babbit and the Giving Tree
It came like a hawk attacks prey, Fast, furious, and without sway, That feeling that haunts me, It kills what I want to be.   My hands start to shake without stop, My face scrunches like it will pop,
What are the beginings stages, Of a lifethat passes in phases? When your dreams are crushed By someone in a rush.
The beauty of nice serendipity Frozen by the moments of just two souls Enigmatic love veiled upon the city, Honest thoughts take unforeseen tolls,   Endless sparks of enchanted magic
A successful student is eager, yet not always prepared. A successful student shows no fear, and tries to not be scared. A successful student is hard-working, but can stray from the goal.
This day in age, it always seems The world is bursting at its seams. Brothers dying, Mothers crying, The most bloodshed that heaven's seen. Rapes and bombings everyday..
Bang! When i turn on the news everyday all i hear is Boom! An explosion of unruly doom Pow!
Bang! When i turn on the news everyday all i hear is Boom! An explosion of unruly doom Pow!
Boats. My thoughts float as easily as they do through the water,  Leaving me to wonder what it would've been like had you stayed. Would we have played, long hours at the lake?
Her pouring tears do not interest me.   But the hair that drips down her bare back   till it brushes against the black line   drawn at her waist– intoxicating.  
You say that you are helpless but really you are just selfish   You want relief despite what you believe The only idea that you seem to conceive   Wrapped up deep in yourself
Oh, blooming young rose, How could you ever know? The symbols I behold In your darkened red glow.     Oh, blooming young rose, Unaware of the view, Or heedless to the sight,
I am desperately swimming out of the black and into color,  Wondering whatever happened to her?  We were running, running from every care,  And the last thing I felt was her hair.  Soft as silk, pure as gold, 
With the flow of angry fighting words, I take my final stand Soaring brighter ever higher in the fire of my own hands   My great song will not diminish in this whirl of wonder when
Poetry is weird, Confusing, no definition. It’s nothing like math or science; One plus one could be two, Or it could be this unanswerable question explored beyond any real meaning.  
The sweetest of rhymes cannot describe This person that all of us require. The second half to us, I derive, Who's emotions speak like a fire. She does entangle our thoughts and mind,
This sand is no longer paradise, There's hopelessness in the sea. But I am not alone here, there’s Feet that don't belong to me.   A living being, my own blood, Someone I couldn't live without,
Sitting for hours with bleach in your hair Can be tiresome, though it is worth it When you think of the matching clothes you’ll wear,
Should I fall isolated On an island all my own I’d wish for a break, A relief, Or pause. From all the worries,
Lifeline   The EKG spikes and flat lines All I hear, are my beagle’s whines.                    As I lay here trying to survive
If upon a deserted island, and stranded was me, All I would want is an apple tree. Could you imagine being stranded without any food? That would do nothing to lighten the mood.
 I can’t live without him The one who brightens my day And swore to be forever on my team   The one who believes in second chances
People say When they go away Bring a book or a fishing hook However, when I go away I want to sway To the beat and the heat of my best friends heart  
My mom is a nice person who is always there.So I’m writing this poem to show that I care. I enjoy her extreme work ethic.The way she does her job is epic.
I stand here My eyes burning My throat like sandpaper Under the sun Under the sky Under the influence of my mind I stand here   Thoughts wander and weave Under the sky
That cruel winter day, she knew, would be filled with hate, That one, single day would determine her fate, If they smiled, or stared, How much she wishes they cared, As they laugh and call her names, 
You have never felt this feeling before Oh, the way he makes you feel your heart beats He is the feeling you cannot speak for
You walk down the same hall every day But this was the first day that something changed A look down the hall and you see a ray
You have that grin that makes me smile, Even after I feel that I have just ran a mile. You are the reason I wake up, You were my favorite little pup. Your the image that brings me warmth, So on, and so forth.
There isn't a day you're not on my mind,
As I see this circle come into view, my contant desire for it ever grew. For this beautiful specimen was a beautiful find, the curvature of its surface truly titilates my mind.
you walk with such purpose, like the sidewalk was meant for you. You laugh with such passion, like its the only joke you'll ever hear. And you write with such fire,
A story for someone I saw everyday, That all ended in a month called May.   I loved to stare into something blue, As if the soul was something new.   Each day I grew more to cry,
Sometimes I sit and ponder Everything I do. How far along I've come in life, and it's all thanks to you. You help me up when I fall down. You kiss me when I'm blue. No woman could ever compare.
Fifth grade, awkward phase Braces, glasses, middle school days Lunch room talks about nonsense Little did I know, One of those conversations, would have the greatest consequence
How can I live a life without my dear pets who love me, no doubt with their cute meows and their playful barks as we stroll throughout the park. But what if they leave just like that?
Love is nothing to me But I want someone to make me a we I feel like I'm stuck in the sea But i am alone you see.
If I were stuck on a desert island and I think of what I’d need I think a lot of people underestimate what they’d need to succeed In keeping themselves alive, happy, and sane.
WHY WE PLAY THE GAME OF FOOTBALL... Football is thought to be just a game or something small but that is not true at all... The game teaches you discipline and work ethic
Whether Its Instruments, Acapella, or Acoustic, A Very Important Piece I Can't Live Without Is Music.
Sitting here, wishing It is you I am missing. The only one I need, The one that fills me with greed. Sitting here, craving You have me raving. Oh dear, I need you here,
Tonight I stay around. the meaningless talks, the gray smokethe spills of wine, and a dress soaked by the evening rain, by the evening pain. Tonight I stay around. the dark sky with its lost eyes 
The sweet, yet chewy glow that can wake up my taste buds with one bite. Offer me one, and I may not be polite. The bright colors of each individual worm Helps me forget about trying to ace my midterm.
A poem should attract and hold as a snake preying bold Coiling Holding 'till emotions are boiling Grabbing, holding on harder
In the corner sits my daughter,Her skin dry and lips chapped<br>She begs those who walk by for water<br>The people walk by, their responses are apt<br>No says one woman, we need some for us<br>Although my daughter cries, an
Oh Sadness my soul's anthem it does sing a woman of faith tests mine once daily the wailing of my heart as she does wring insane I am to love some one , maybe?   Her golden locks are but keys to my heart
You are a flower, Daffodil You move with the wind, Daffodil Standing proud, with a smile of gold The a storm rolled in, Daffodil You couldn't hold on, my love I watched your smile fade, Daffodil
Personality hardening like clay, Should I pick it up and throw it away? Worried about how you will scold me after I come home today, I’m afraid of the stains of the “play”, As you always would say.
I suck at poetry, I have no ingenuity. I can not spare the time, To create any kind of rhyme. Yet I must try to find, A better way to use my mind.
When I gaze ahead at time awaiting before me, New opportunities come forward with high demands. And as I look toward to fate’s hold of my key I see a world, ready to be explored, that stands.  
Unsure   The things I wanted were not truly me; Looks, attention, and popularity. I now see the beauty inside of me; Intelligence and creativity.  
I wake up everyday at the same time Mascara crusted over on the same two eyes Yank the same jeans over the same two legs Pull the same sweater over the same empty head  
A grain of rice  A grain of sand
I am the large, unwary fellow walking I am the awkward one you avoid talking to The silent scarecrow in the storm The subtle breeze when it's warm That one person who you think you know
Consistently inconsistent In matters of time and distance I give this gift to you my child My joy, my pride, the reason I’m wide eyed Straining my vision Remaining committed
I am… the girl who was constantly told that rhyme about sticks and stones, As if the words did not hurt any more than for someone to break my bones. The classmates roar, And those words hurt more.
I am beautiful
All my life I searched for success, but always felt like I was something less. No matter how hard I tried, I was never enough.
Autumn is the only time that it is acceptable to like change.
I am the voice of the unspoken. Filled with pain and hope, looking for justice. I am a piece of many broken. Bleeding angry, We run out of substance.  
You've gone too soon. Our fingers intertwine, only ever under the moon,
My soul sinks deep out like a ship, a sole shepherd without his sheep, silence of the lamb in friendship. Your absence's killing me softly!
I am Everything And nothing All at once   I am there Laughing Full of life Ready to burst   I am gone Quiet Easy to miss In my silence  
Name me as the hope of the slaves Frame me in my mothers gaze Let me breathe in open air Even though we've yet to make it there Black bodies sway in time With the drums playing in my mind.
On the outside, I am clean The sun shines bright But on the inside reside my dreams Which are, truely, a fright. I don't know where I am bound But I do know what I am. Might as well hop on a Greyhound
  When I think of who I am I clearly see three. Three words that truly describe me. Creative. The first that comes to mind and shows I’m shy. Which probably explains why I still cry.
If I could tell you to stay with me now, Oh, with everything I am, were it true! The thing I ask you to tell me is, How to let you go when our life feels so new?   I know that this was not a big mistake.
I hope to achieve greatness But I always achieve less, For lonely I reside With no one to confide I feel lost in the flow Stuck, unable to grow As life passes by I let out a sigh
How beautiful to see A smile with no teeth Laughter from the trees Gentle chickadee
There is a list of lies under my name-- --let me explian. Failure, regret, dismay lined the edges of pain. Stupid, creepy, and even a sleaze-- --can I just leave this world, God, please?  
Ice cream ice cream cold as ice I like to eat you it's very nice
Senior Year sucked.Broken spirits and broken exesCutthroat academics and cutthroat schoolmatesMistakenly jealous and mistakenly focused We forgot how to careI forgot you stood there 
Butterflies flutter as she zips up her dress Memories flash back to the day she said yes Family and friends all fill the room She walks down the isle but wait...where's the groom?
So many hard times are falling upon us  No one can get along, what a big fuss Money has become the main priority  Crime has been witnessed by the majority Fear is manifested here, there, and everywhere
Thy love for thy foil reaches the sea,
Mistakes clutter my past in piles of trash. Like shattered glass in overgrown grass— Though not apparent at a first glance, Whenever given the slightest chance My mistakes will rudely raise their voices
Awesomeness comes in different shapes and sizes, You can even find them in surprises. But awesomeness can come from anywhere, Such as a sunset over the county fair. You can see it in the people who love you,
The pain and sorrow try to engulf my spirit, But I must take stand to not hear it. I go back to the good times. I close my eyes and listen to the chimes. The chimes that hang lifelessly on the patio,
When I woke up the other day I had no idea where I was going to stay In fact I didn't even know where I was I still felt I had some sort of buzz
No one has lived the life I have, or will. You can’t be me, and I cannot be you, My life is mine, every moment a thrill. And yours is yours, no matter what I do. Even old things can still be new for me;
It is always fun to be alive. Wow! So much time to dance and jive. Do as you wish to be yourself. Always strive to love oneself. Life is fun for you and me since both of us can live happy. 
Like a breeze cascading throughout a city Like the wires that transfer the electricity Like a wolf howeling at the moon Like a sad yet beautiful embrassive tune Like a wave crashing onto the shore
By now your Mom or Dad would come home that day Only to tell you you'll be moving out someday. Moving six times may seem a lot Yet moving away from your family is a different plot.
I love to pet dogs, With their hairy paws, Stick bone or ball, They love in their jaws.   Have been at our side, For thousand of years, Accompanying tears,
It starts with one word. The final one like a sword. Before it's time to go,  It all begins with "Hello." Even though you hope it's a lie, It then ends with "Goodbye." Hold on as long as you can,
Ashamed of things that aren’t shameful Embarrassing by things not embarrassing You feel my pain but then you don’t Challenging what I refuse No idea you’ve lit a fuse You wonder why I change so quickly
Push her away to a corner of your mind Say to yourself "I'm sure she won't mind" Never call her, forget she exists Keep it up until she knows something's amiss
People always say that everything is terrible that life is so awful and completely unbearable but they don't really think that, at least not all the time 'cause life is pretty great, it's really sublime  
Rain Storm stops all play, Little children looking grey, Momma ask “why the dismay?” Children say “There is no more field day.” Momma states “Get out and play.” “You might as well make a water day.”
Fast pace, dancing feet
Time and space travel isn’t as far as it may seem. It doesn’t take lots of science or a laser beam. It is not magic but simply a state of mind That can take anyone anywhere their mind can find.
Looking out of my window adventure is what I seek. Life is outside of this house that encloses me. The birds soar and fly free. Their passionate song inspires me.
I have only created a few chapters that I admire. I want money, power, and to travel where I desire. The need for a new setting will change all I currently know.
into an eternal abyss that no one even knows how far will it take me? how far will i go?
We wake up, we arise and we breathe. we can feel, we can see. we can sense the energy of everything around us. we have emotion, we get excited, we get sad.
Pull up your britches and go chase your ambitions. Dreaming is for people who can't do. Making believe they will pull through. Make the big decision to make life your muse.  
To have our lips grow closer and then touch, so we may feel each other. (A prerequisite to tasting,
From the breathtaking mountains to the beautiful trees Or the harmonic stream and the fresh ocean breeze Mother Earth has gifted mankind
I startle awake in pitch dark, the dogs oustide bark.
My boyfriend is an awesome dude, he has an awesome attitude. His support is always there, that is how he shows his care. He lifts my spirits when I'm down, his wittiness can cure a frown.
tired of crying, a final tear fell 
Carrion fowl, these shadows loom champions of certain doom  
Go out for a walk, Feeling good, don’t mind the clock. Frosty air, it’s getting dark, Pick the pace up through the park. Look ahead, it’s hard to see, Although you know where you will be.
Everyone needs someone to share in other words, your other pair   May be your sister, mother, friend or daughter the one that will bring you joy and laughter  
In. Out. All-around.  Our world is full of things to astound.    Yet, as a people, we are not close to the vast potential to be most.    Hate surrounds our abode,
His smile is what keeps me going His smile makes me smile back   His laugh is what makes my day His laugh is what the sound of happiness is   His eyes are what I look at most
His smile is what keeps me going His smile makes me smile back   His laugh is what makes my day His laugh is what the sound of happiness is   His eyes are what I look at most
Dance with me and the fireflie
War raging to the east War brewing to the west Can we really say That we're doing our best?   Our economy failing Our education becoming hollow We're hardly a model For others to follow.
Flowers are little bursts of Sunshine they bring the Light into a day drepression riddles a friend of mine and i don't really care about pay so i went Surprise her and try make things just a little Better
Standing Tall, Proud, Black and Strong Proving this stereotypical society wrong. they ask me who I' am and where am I going. I ask why so you can shoot down the comings of my successful showing.
The thing I find most absolutely awesome is how the human body functions The millions of cells and muscles found at every junction The sovereignty it has when the soul inside might fail
Everything is awesome This is not a lie
She hides behind a curtain of hair
When the world gets you down,  That's the time to look up. It's easy to get caught in the spiral, To spin in detrimental circles. But in order to avoid acceleration,
It’s sometimes hard to remember why you’re awesome You’re like a flower just ready to blossom Don’t let someone bring you down You’re incredible so please don’t frown Life is not always fair
When you feel sad, dont be glad. Everyone has their stuggles and cry, but honestly, there is no reason to sigh. Dont even try to deny, we all tend to ask why. Why do we all get sad?
Now comes he, draped in shadow, Walking along meek and shallow, The emo, all bleak and pale, His face contorted, ready to wail.
having you as my soul mate i state is wonderful our my soul we mold our love being with you ake e build and feel my emotions and your my light that i like
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how will I see myself today? Will I see what you want me to see or will I see what I want to be? Why should I listen to what you say? Since when do you bother me anyway? With or without you i guess I'm okay.
Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. But you marched straight into the land of the dead.   My rotting heart, my stale soul. Thanks to you, Whole.  
Oh special ones,Love is pain like rove,The chandelle's shatter in clatter,Crackling agony in rack,Love is fear with sheer warmth,Wrapped with eternal beauty inside and out,The fishes sway with rhythme,
Baseball, the nation's pastime, my pastime That I have played since I was just five. The sport, job, or game to some Was a passion for me and will be for years to come.
The blame is put on you; they say it's all your fault. A victim of sexual assault, but they don't know what you've been through. A shirt too tight, a skirt too short, not good enough to court,
Happy days come and go but nothing more They say to prove your worth or else be sore Ive come and gone and begged my soul to greif Alas it has been nothing but a dream.  Those boys and girls pertain to nothingness
Words can kill they tend to linger    They constantly stab  stab holes that can never be filled    The more words  the more holes   Holes grow where compassion used to lie 
I often wonder who's more at faultMe, you, or the "friends" that talked?Was it the pleasant lies or the barren truth
  Can you hear me?
Why? You asked me today Why I left you all alone As I look down at you I say   You forgot the fear in my eyes
If I tell you that I don't like your selfie, will you go off and hate me? If I don't have an Instagram, Does that make me a loser, man?
My veins, branches, The sound, water of life, My heart beats, For the beautiful knife. This dagger, song, Takes me to another land, My very essence, Lies in one frequency band. 
  This is to the camera, that sees me as nothing but Delicate bones and pearly whites My essence captured through awkward captions and My worth measured by likes and heart bytes
Hashtags and selfies have never been my kind of thing, For I have never been a bird with social media wings. So why do I constantly hide behind filters, Hoping that no one will see me splinter?  
Hi, my name is “what the hell are you doing?” I guess it’s my birth name, but not preferred My parents call me bastard It’s not the best nickname I’ve heard The cops call me a thug
The hallways and lockers all look the same But it seems each different person all seem so vain  Each day and class was the same ole norm The teacher with the short brown hair was such a bore
#Behindthefilter I look in the mirror and what do I see? A girl with an identity, oh wait that’s me
If you've
Every one just wants to be considered So what we do is take a picture with a filter Me with no filter shows that i have funny personality No its not insanity, I live in a world full of creaivity
I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true
'You' is such a lovely word
How would you spend Your very last day? Would you talk with a friend? But what would you say?   Maybe you'd call and say to your mother That you appreciate, cherish, and totally love her.  
The perimeter lush as an Irish spring Green with envy for affection The center soft as weak tea Gold as her virtue But then those black abysses Deep as the hell itself See anger, see pain, see hatred
Farewell false fear, the prince of lies,
I never thought that we would face the problems that we do. I thought that we were perfect and were who the world looked up to.
Hidden behind photos and many filters, There's something about me thats a little off-kilter. I try to be me, but I'm caught in a snare, But what makes me me, society doesn't seem to care.
One thousand empty chairs stretch to stage   she meets my face and suddenly it's noon, i'm   staring in the mirror : a distorted reflection   two people two strangers  
I wake up to a world of iniquity and death To think that this might be the moment I take my last breath... My life is an unedited, incomplete story of which I'm relunctant to share
My love, is this world not like a coil? Is it not hollow and dark? With our love that shines as an ark, While the ground begins to melt and boil? And while we share these last macaroons
Teething, gnawing, and viscously biting
I changed my wires
  Darkness, all around me, I can’t help but feel scared Darkness, it’s swallowing me whole, Why don’t people care?
I was sitting in church in the very last pew, With hate in my heart towards the church where I grew   I didn’t hear much in the sermon today,
OMG- there he is- Fix your hair, don't breathe in. If you do, he’ll think you're fat, And you totes don't want him thinking that.  
          Every morning when I lay awake   i don't see you anymore  heart of mind is the key to this relationship  baby I will always love you unless you love me to  I put my life in the line 
Ugly, repulsive, boring, plain Is what we believe others see in us. But through filters there is nothing we gain, It’s our own mind that creates such a fuss.   Take away the photoshop and filter,
   You are the sun that shines bright as me. Your love for me is over my head. I never thought you'd ever be in my arms at this moment.
Who am I?  I am me.  I do what you do,  I see what you see.  I'm just the mom with spit up in her hair,  Who puts on her makeup before she goes anywhere. 
For diamonds we are sweating tears In huts we live in muddy smears
Did I hear you say?   Did I hear you say your fat again, with teardrops in your eyes? Lamenting over every extra inch upon your thighs?
I stare into a shattered mirror.
Who am I? My name is Seraiah Jean Cook But what does that mean? I'm more than a name I'm just a girl in this world trying to be sane My life hasn't been the best
I don't wear makeup  I don't dress to impress  And I have no filter, so it's been said Maybe I should buy one but I don't don't have the time Cause it takes forever to come up with a rhyme  
I woke up to a new day Hoping my demons will go away But only God can see my struggle listening to a black man's trouble. My family gave me the life I needed in order for me to succeed in it
I bottled all my tears to save for rainy days I put my bad thoughts in a box and sent it into space   I framed all my smiles and kept them on display I bagged up all my feelings and threw them all away  
Dentists would always call me "Bucktooth Beaver," Potentially straight teeth, was everyone, even I, a nonbeliever?   The other girls said my breasts remind them of a boy,
I am who I am meant to be. I am beautiful and free.  
No filter on my face,  Nothing taking my place, 
  The mirror is my history book It shows each chance towards death I took   As I was sent away each time I felt as if I had committed a crime   At least now I know that isn’t true
Her pictures are hardly the same as before Her filters and makeup hide acne and pores Her head's tilted slightly to the left or right side Depending on which scar or bump she wishes to hide
The flawless part of me Is that I’d rather be Making others happy instead of me.   I believe happiness is contagious And this is one virus That everyone wants to be infected with
The makeup we put on, A barrier and shield,
Dear my Love, the walls have fallen, The stones and mortar have given way. Authorities have not yet told If it were attack, or mere decay. The resting village still lies in peace,
It's always the Same Nothing ever Changes, I'm called Lame People call me Strange.   I don't let it hurt Me I know what I Am, I let them Be They tell me to Scram.  
She's sick; she'll never get better. This disease of hers, it goes on forever.   Her body is thin, she loses her hair, When she goes out, the people all stare.  
I listen to you I understand what you say I know the reason you treat me this way I'm Secondary I've heard it before I wish I could hear it, no more No matter what happens today
My Backyard
We have all been told do things before you are old. We sit here and laugh in their faces and continue to walk at leisurly paces. We go through elementary, middle, and high school. 
I am totally the shit, and this was wrote to prove it. I usually wear t-shirts and jeans, and it shows I like to eat my proteins.   Told I look just like Channing Tatum
Changing colors like the leaves Absorbing light and scenes with ease These eyes see with clarity The deeds of others.   Reflecting in the mirror you see Flecks of brown and speckles of green
I am but a simple girl, that loves to give writing a whirl. I love to learn, even if some teachers are stern.
Left me to sadness
Predestined for greatness ‘Cause of God’s love and favor Still I work hard, no doubt ‘Cause that’s what I’m all about I’ve persevered through my struggles And never stay within the bubble
Was I really born in the year 1994? I need more time to be a kid so that I can explore The exciting things around me that I cannot ignore I do not wish to see what adulthood holds for me in store.
Behind the glass screen I'm more than I may seem. I am not your average Joe, I care more than you know. I may be small but if you fall I will be there to catch you. To sympathize
Long hair finding his purose, scars wraught up across his back. Hands chained up on perpose to show his soft side. Scars cover this smiling body, branded with words.
Who am I when the World doesn't See,
There is one thing I am very proud of to this day I don't drink alcohol and I am very proud to say  
It will be a while till I am fine Until this jumbled mess in my cold chest That used to pump in its warm nest Is recognizable enough… to be called mine
When you’re feeling low… and you feel like you’ve got nowhere to go … that sick feeling is all I feel as my head begins to reel My vision starts to blur
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Don't be scared to look at your reflection. Everyone is different, you're the perfect complexion.   Even when your hair is a mess.
The door finally closes, another day spent, Another act finished, but I’m not content.   I look in the mirror, stare into my eyes – Were they fooled today by my act, my disguise?  
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Why, oh, why, can't I be tall?   Straight hair is but a fleeting dream I'm always last picked for every team   I wish I could be lithe and fair,
What is money without those you love Everyone wants grip allow me to be the glove You wonder why the stars get coked up While there are people struggling to get coated up
She's flawless, about her everybody talks less I'm flawed less, but my modesty knows best  Acceptance of shortcomings and such, I Have room to build my trust, in 
Dear Mom, I'm still alive I know you wont believe me As I call Across the sea But here I am I see you In the static sitting in the dark I know you think Im crazy
Okay soNice to meet ya but I wouldn't wanna be yaBecause being myself only gives me a spellA kind of happiness one could never tell
Today I looked at myself in the mirror Ever day it gets a bit clearer I am flawless My eyes are brown The best in town Nothing can compare I am flawless I was born with them
Growing up, I always had an issue with "ideal girls." Girls we're mean, girls were vain. Girls gossiped, girls were insane. Girls made fun, girls stole your boyfriend.
I am [F]ar from perfect. In fact I'm more [L]ike a reject. I don't fit in with society's w[A]ys. [W]hy try so hard when you don't want to play?   I don't have a twitter and I don't take selfies.
Prude. Censuring. Perfect little girl. Am I a prude when I dislike foul words? And promiscuity is not something I adore: But how can I be perfect if you claim that I’m a churl?  
I am a survivor, are you? When life gets tough I'm still the driver, are you? Even when I've had enough   When life is long it matters not why our pain is strong; we will not cry  
I look upon your scars Tracing my hands down a history so far-   Or thus far hurt Precarious as gravel dirt    Awaiting the man who charms  Without bringing on the harm  
I’m one man and sometimes I can’t feel any smaller A kid who gives his all but is done growing taller Done with the world, wanting no more in life Than to tear a hole in the sky and see what heaven looks like
I've borrowed and taken and ripped away all they had to offer nothing given back or repayed They love this parasitic monstrous horror their caring love never fades
Underneath the makeup that you layer everyday That thick and waterproof courage that still will wash away   You pass the mirror each evening and shudder at the sight
My crooked smile and loud laugh Are things that make me flawless   My hyperactive crave for change Are things that make me lawless   My 4'10" stature and petite frame Attribute to my smallness
Who am i? I am me, myself, and I l am not you, him, or her,
When everyone around me starts stepping down
Success does not come naturally
They see my faults; I see only beauty.
How could a death song taste so sweet? Fiery in all its glory I see no reason to have fear The pearls of wisdom satisfied Sate'd are my worrisome thoughts A barrier long imposed removed
Her eyes are blue Her eyes are bright Her lips are flawless too And her hair is just right   Her nails are long and thin Her nose is a perfect width Her skin is considered perfection
My name is Morgan Without a filter I am normal   Without a filter my teeth are gray Without a filter my eyes are just okay Peers would describe me as pretty But that's just the filter, really  
My life is unscripted, unpredicatable, original. The unknown - scary.  But I have come to realize that I shouldn't be wary. I've been through the worst already,
The versions of myself  cannot be put on a shelf. they cannot be in a room or swept up by a broom. Some say that there are many but I ask them have they seen any? they search their mind all the day
Dress how you want, please do not change, but accept these glares as we call you strange. Pick a size, just any size, but feel shameful as we tell you otherwise. Take control, assert yourself, do what is right,
The Show
Because I am quiet, I have something to hide? Because I smile, I have never cried? Because I am poor,I must do bad stuff? Because I am content, my life is not rough? Because I am nice, I must have two faces?
Fidgeting, sweating palms, racing heart- Please relax I say; my insecurities can rip me apart. I'm so scared, on the fringe of fright. This disorder makes me believe that I'm not at all bright.
She looks in the mirror. The glass reflective slate mirror.   She turns away. She hates the mirror.   Her friends look to her. She is their own personal mirror.  
Nerd. What use is knowing the capitals of the UK, France, Russia and Spain? Or knowing where the heck is China, Peru, or Bahrain? You suck at science and geometry, The one thing you're good at? Geography?
I hack And I press. I make Such a mess.   I can feel what I used to be: Something young, running wild and free. And one by one they fall. She whispers as I crawl:  
I'm a bigger bitch than you
It’s a Saturday evening
I’m walking down the aisle
Let us see just how far we have gone.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain; He doesn't like to be different that's for certain. He doesn't want to stand outside of the crowd; But, he only wants to fit in and be proud.  
A single seashell on the beach Waves overwhelm its speech A single tile to the mosaic of the shore Listening to the ocean roar   The waves beat against the coast
You're intelligent and kind, I mean, a person like you is so hard to find. When I think of you, I think of the brave, Because of all the encumbrances, you do not cave.
From the distance you are at, You see my muscle and my fat, But if you look into my eyes,  You will find a great surprise!   Ask me of the books I read,
From the distance you are at, You see my muscle and my fat, But if you look into my eyes,  You will find a great surprise!   Ask me of the books I read,
Every thought is a battle, Every breath is a war, My insanity, that is so fragile Is not winning anymore.
Standing in front of a mirror,
From the time I began to crawl, I have never been into playing with Barbie Dolls. I’m not your average girl That likes to wear fancy pearls. I enjoy boy activities like fishing.
Going to GMC is one of my accomplished goals  Sometimes the work and tasts can take a toll I strive for success like I'm supposed For my little sister i set an example
Today everyone is examining the mirror to see how they look,
Circumstances may neglect you No matter how people Bring you down to feeble And let your self-esteem low and blue   Only fools burn bridges Of one’s failures and foes
Do I even know the true me? He's hidden in the darkest alley
Life is bleak Like an empty page Feeling agitated, restless, or violent Ripped, crumpled pages, and broken pencils This block - The first step to a solution Is a problem Life is unplanned
What makes me flawless is I'm Unique I simply use my brain to think Picture perfect no not me but Success is my destiny I am beautiful I am Proud at age nineteen I had a child
I don't like having to act like someone I'm not,
My mask is like no other She smiles and laughs and jokes But people don't even bother Knowing the girl that chokes On her tears It ages her years          For this is me          Behind myself
"A", yeah, that's my initial. It's the first letter that defines me. Who I am displayed for the world to see. But that's just on paper and computer screens.
  A valiant hero runs through town As its mayor displays an ugly frown It was supposed to be a celebration Instead, everything became damnation   Above the clock, hovers the moon
The girl behind the curtain Is someone who is uncertain. She plays pretend all day But cries the night away. Because she is depressed No one will ever be impressed. She tries to be the people pleaser
I must confess it The me that’s unfit
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister The trees sang their song in a wonderful whisper.
A structure alone Of jointed bones With a thin layer Of mortal beauty Fair skin and dark eyes Fair heart and dark mind Oh I pray that this Is all there's to me
Who am I? Well I am me! I am me, though you may not see.  I often hide behind a mask, so who am I really, you may ask.    Optimism is, to me at least,  the essence of my very beast.
They say that happiness is found in unlikely places
Gaze on me only but for a second, and thus I shall know That in agonizing uselessness are my feelings of woe. For when your vision crosses mine I seek no other but the eyes of thine.
I have always told others that they ought to be Trying to grasp the joy they might see To reach out and take a happier life To cut through the fear, to be their own knife   Advice is often quite easy to give
people see me walk, they watch me everyday, tell me how I should do life, but in a different way,
Underneath the cloudy skies Something desperate filling her eyes.
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
The pestilent air around me breathed.
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