Dear God


Dear God

Why do you let me down?

I pray and pray, yet I still frown.

Is it something wrong with me?

Are my morals blinding me?

Is everything that I live by binding me to its rules?


I want answers.


Dear God

They say you forgive

But I'm starting to wonder if it's me you let live

In this world

It's haneous

It's torture

To live in a world of hate is morbid

For my soul

For my body

I just want to know why you won't say sorry.




Dear God

Fix it all

Because I'm worried that soon this world will fall

Our emotions are weak

So please let us see

What we're doing to ourselves is scary

We've cut ourselves

We're starting to bleed

And eventually we'll bleed out


Before we shoot ourselves


Help us.

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Our world
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