The Mirage (I Am the Mirage)

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 22:54 -- Galexye

The Mirage

Garett Ballard


Famine hanging the world to dry,

Taking every drop of cooling air from the big blue sky.

Her breathe is rough as sand,

choked out from Satan's hand,

And in the midst of the empty desert she sees a sight,

I am standing there shining in the light.

She drops her empty canteen,

And runs up to the spring,

Shaded from protection of the melting heat.

I watch her and protect her, and give her all her needs,

Until our love is pulled over for how fast it speeds.

She lives in this new bliss avoiding the drying heat,

Relaxing in the shade of this love retreat.

One night when the sun was getting low,

I had to get out of here until I eventually go.

I slip off in the darkness covered in the moon,

As she slept alone in silence until the day breaks noon.

She wakes alone to the hot baking air,

And she realizes just maybe I was not even there.

Our tangled love was gone, and seemed like a massage,

where they pay allot to get there, but it ends faster than they thought,

Because she fell in love with me, just to love a mirage,

She was desperate and hurting and needed some new care,

And looked for a love that was not even there.

We met and then we loved, but I knew it will not last long,

Because a non- false mirage is more than just wrong.

It looses the purpose of a dream and reality, 

and says that you can choose both,

and I am just a wake up call before the fall for hope,

and  they forget that life is just a hoax.

I am just a mirage, disappearing like a dream,

But after I am gone it makes your memories gleam,

You miss me, but do not need me and that is why I leave,

To keep you in reality, not lies that you believed.

So I leave you in the desert where you first began, 

perhaps too much like a man,

But when you soon get over it, you will know I mean the best,

That I am a mirage, and you know all the rest.


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