The Feeling of Getting Lost in a Book

In this modern world of hustle and bustle.

When I hear the pages of a book, rustle.


At the end of the day when everyone is gone.

In the darkness of the night when I feel alone.


When in a hectic routine I want the ease.

Getting lost in a book is the only source of peace.


A book is not silent it does speak and talk.

It writes on the board of mind with a quiet chalk.


From all the vexations of life, it gives you escape.

Help to re-build your senses and your attitude to re-shape.


Indulging in a book nourishes both soul and heart.

And you can give your day a fresh new start.


It is a gateway from this cold world of brutality.

And entering peacefully into the world of tranquility.


The feeling is far better than a peaceful nap.

It is as comforting as your mother’s lap.


I can say about myself not about any other.

A book is my second mother, A book is my second mother.

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