You're Free of Me

Your words faintly brushed through my ear

and your hands were all over me

physically promising me I was your last.


This was you.

I'll take some responsibility,

but listen to me

when I say this was your doing too.


Turns out I was too strong

and you were still trembling

in the thought of us.


I appreciate you

and your effort,

but I wish you hadn't


because now we've given up on it all

and we never really had it

I'm still forgiving it all - myself and you.


I'm ready - I've already jumped.

You can walk, but I'm passed you.

Catch up when you're ready,

I'm not waiting.


so my best wishes to your next lover are

treat her better

and to you

it's time we let go of all of our goals.


We both know what's best

and it isn't us -

it's you and it's me,


so I hope your best wishes to my new lover are

treat him better

and to me

it's time we let go of our goals.


Set me free

because I'm already gone

and I've already moved on.

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