The Pied Piper


United States
42° 20' 27.6036" N, 89° 5' 5.262" W

Once Upon A Time

There was a piper.

Not just any piper,

But a piper with a magical flute.

As he played his flute,

Children would follow,

But what happened one day

Was a mess one could not swallow.

Everyone in sight

Could hear the tunes

As the children would dance;

All would swoon.

This continued

All day long,

But the parents of all people

Did not like the song.

One called the cops,

But he was no help.

He just sat with his donut and coffee,

For neither belonged in jail.

And then another parent chimed in,

"I say we upgrade the park!

Perhaps that will help us

To keep them apart."

So they built a waterslide

Then a carousel too,

But nothing would help

Keep the children from the tunes.

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