Ghazal Poem to Jesus


2715 Trophy Pt.
United States

If I am the sheep then your are the shepherd you won’t reject me

If I am the Prodigal then you are my father, you accept me

If I am the Samaritan then you are my savior, you correct me

If I am the clay then you are the Potter, you perfect me

If I am the branches then you are the vine you connect with me

If I am the bride then you are the bridegroom you respect me

If I am the passenger then you are in the driver’s seat you direct me

If I am in danger then you are my fortress you protect me

If I am the creation then you are the artist you invented me

If I am the defendant then you are the judge you inspect me

If I am in darkness then you are the light you project from me

When I was dead then you were my life you resurrected me

If I am the student then you are the teacher

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