The EKG spikes and flat lines

All I hear, are my beagle’s whines.

                   As I lay here trying to survive

                                       I think how lucky I am to be alive.

                                                           My beagle, Kevin, nuzzles me

                                                          And I pray I won’t be an amputee.

                                      Without him I’d be a wreck,

                  Probably slit my neck.

He’s more than a pet,

He’s my safety net.

The one I turn to for comfort

Even when he drools on my shirt.

Another pause, another whimper

His eyes look into mine and glimmer.

                   I can tell he’s worried

                                      He feels too hurried.

                                                         He has no idea what he means to me

                                                         No one compares to that peewee.

                                    Words cannot describe my love

                    It soars higher than a dove.

He’s more than a pet,

He’s my safety net.

He lays on my lap

Dreaming of table scraps,

Until a surge of pain

Travels down my vein.

                   Blood pressure rising,

                                      The wait is antagonizing.

                                                          Hes's always there for me, oh Kevin.

                                                          He’s the only one I can truly confide in.

                                      He’s my life,

                      My friend,

My everything,

And then I remember...

Kevin doesn’t care at all,

Because deep down he’ll always recall

I cut off his balls.


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Good one. Funny.

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