The tub fills, the pain runs deep

I sit in this tub and began to weep

Emotions bottled up inside with nowhere to go 

But Iv'e had enough. They began to flow

I cry and cry as I sit there. Trying to drown my troubles

rembering a simpler time when this bath was not filled with tears but with bubbles

I take the blade and think this over 

Would my parents care? Would they need closure?

My phone rings, he tries my line

I've ignored his texts and the call I want to decline

But theres something inside of me that starts to battle my demons

something is making me reevaluate my reasons

I pick up the phone, my best friend talks me down

My happiest thoughts become more profound. 

I decide to be better, I decide to try,

to fight my demons, to beat this lie

I am loved, I am stronger than this

I can make it out of this abyss

I will rise up. I will beat this demon

I will survive, and he will be the reason.


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