Forgiveness (Morals)

I always wondered why humans made their own rules

They made themselves seperate from animals like wolves and tigers, and mules

What's the point of elegance and making oneself's rank higher

Wouldn't relationships be more important, and the final survivor

But I think I've recently figured it out, I believe I've had an epiphany

On why us humans have an innate sense of poise and dignity

That is unique to our own kind, that no other shares, our composure and benignity

Even when it is in one's right to be malignant, to be rational and fair

To rather than lose one's temper and fight, to treat wrongdoers with care

Putting oneself higher than another so that one may not only act, but be superior

Has it's advantages, after all, what gets you farther:

Treating others with mercy and kindness when they do not deserve it

Or treating others with well-earned cruelty, and throwing fits?

Poise, rationality, and the ability to put one's emotions aside

Are what seperate ourselves from the animals outside

Humanity itself is beautiful, and wonderfully cohesive

It's when we forget out foundations, we fall apart without our adhesive

When we lose our morals of respect, kindness, and loving one another

That us humans resort to turning on everyone, community, friends, our own fathers and mothers

And when that happens, as it's been happening now undercover

I truly fear what deep dark corners of the soul we shall discover

Cruelty, unfairness, hatred, narcissism, sadism, and apathy

These are what we turn to when we lose our morals and empathy

Please, for the love of the little light I hope this world still has

Understand my message and look around one another, see and act as

I know you know how to, with equality for all, even those who have mistreated

People make their mistakes, we all do, and we've all been defeated

Forgiveness is necessary, a beautiful thing when true

Forgive your enemies as if they were your friends, even if they may not forgive you

At least you will have tried, at least your heart will heal and you will be better

Because you can heal your heart, and you try to help even your haters

Revenge and forgiveness are your options, one destroys, one heals

You already know this, but a lot may not realize the thing my words reveal

Revenge and forgiveness don't destroy and heal them, they destroy and heal you

Be merciful to yourself by being merciful to others, bring this species to greatness it never knew


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