The (Dis)Appearance of Ganymede

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 19:28 -- ncreel

I like to imagine Ganymede,

famed wine-bearer of the pantheon,

to be a skilled bartender

despite his youthful naivete


Perhaps his wish is,

using his nightly tips,

to care for his father

who reached up for him


Perhaps Ganymede,

with all his youthful beauty,

rakes in higher tips

flashing his smile at married men


Perharps, likely secretly,

our handsome boy Ganymede

wants nothing more than

to fade into the background


to disappear in broad moonlight

to leave his youth behind the counter


and how nice it would be

for our boy Ganymede


to grow up at his own pace

in spite of his baby face

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Our world
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