It's No Fall Out Boy Title, But It'll Do.



This is to the camera, that sees me as nothing but

Delicate bones and pearly whites

My essence captured through awkward captions and

My worth measured by likes and heart bytes

A photograph carefully composed

Of a girl with her true thoughts [boxeduptight]


This is to the boys who see me as nothing but

Geometric shapes

Circles and curves and parabolas

Tits and ass and legs and waist

And an irrelevant concave where my brain should be

My “radical ideas” make me a butterface


This is to the academy, that sees me as nothing but

3.97 and a good SAT score

A scholar of great potential

That will donate millions or more

As an honored alumni

Of the greatest institution in the world


This is to society, that sees me as nothing but

A golden gal who always colored inside the lines

Mrs. Goody-Two-Shoes, no fire in my soles

“She’s never insubordinate, ‘cause she’s never been inclined”

Determined but docile

Go ahead and assume I’m not the rebellious kind


This is to myself, because I see that

My mind is a kaleidoscope of technicolor dreams

Ideas colliding like specks in sunbeams 

And I’ll call myself a feminist or riot grrl if I damn well please

You are not my dictator or an office label machine

It’s 2015; I’ll be whatever the hell I want to be.


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