Wed, 10/19/2016 - 16:40 -- akufta

Night—I’ve loved you long time.

Your shadows no longer scare me,

as I have finally realized

that you provided my mind,

restless with questions

branching like trees,

a safe shelter

of quiet darkness.


With Time, Night,

you taught me that

without any shadows

in our lives

we would be formless;

these overactive thoughts

are a natural part of being


No drawing or image

ever existed with only light.


Nature’s love of cycles

is beautiful,

showing us that life is full of

chances to

teach, hope, live,

dream, love, forgive,

be kind and smile,

mile after mile.


Because of the lessons learned at night,

I have gained deeper insight

and strive to greet the day,

appreciating the beauty that can be found

wherever we stray.


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Our world
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