My empathy is something I prize highly

I know how to heal, to help people lightly

I know what they need to hear and do

This is a skill I'd even since young knew

But heavily it takes it's toll

As I occationally feel the sorrow in a stanger's soul

All of these auras, I can always sense their emotions

I can tell who they are, their dreams and devotions

Their pains, their loves, their deepest flaws they hide inside

And I try to reach my arms out just to find-

I'm reaching through thick water as they calmly walk away

And I'm left with their feelings, the need to help, it feels empty

Because I want to reach out and provide them the aid I can tell they need

But I know they won't take it right, they'll look at me weird for my advice they'll have reeived

And sometimes they deny it, they'll go on with their denial 

They let their emotions fester while idle

But I feel it, and it hurts me to know I cannot be of assistance

So I try and try to put up distance and am met with resistance

As my heart tries to help but my mind holds it back

And he heart goes back and forth like a racetrack

Because a lot of times they don't understand

And although it hurts, I withdraw my hand

And it hurts me more because I feel everyone's emotions and my own

Sometimes I can't even tell, is this what I'm feeling or someone across town?

Can I help them? Or do I need to help myself?

Myself? Who am I again? Was that a misspell for themself?

I always focus on others because their pain is mine too

I try to help but it's rejected, what am I supposed to do?

Should I try again, will that make it worse? Or can I actually help?

Or will I make it worse and go back a step?

Can I help make a difference, will I change their life?

Maybe I should keep it in, lest I cause strife

But the pain, the sorrow, the hatred, it's all locked inside

My Pandora's box, only in little cracks can I let it outside

Only in small words, so that all may understand

When I want to help you, but I withdraw my hand



Author's Note: This poem was inspired by Nathan Wagner's song Empath and my own experiences being one. If you liked this poem, please listen to Nathan Wagner's song as well, I hope you enjoy it. While you're there, listen to Innocence and Lonely too, some of my personal favorites.

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