Wintry Lovers

Winter is coming soon

We will admire the bright full moon

And curl up together by the fire

Our love taking us both higher


My heart thrums for him only

He's the reason I'm not lonely

He buys me flowers, roses so red

Symbols of passion and love, so it's said

When I see him looking back at me

All I think is what shall be

He excites my inner being

Shakes me up, sends me reeling

Every kiss is electric and fine

Like a sip of Pinot Noir wine

He's mine and here with me to stay

I'd never have it any other way


I love him more than life itself

He makes me put my pride on a shelf

My faithful sweet man

No one can make me feel joyful like only he can

He's my lover, my sweetheart, my intimate half

Completes me like a frame for a photograph

Makes me thirst, makes me desire and sweat

My lover is, too, a wonder, a pet

He is mine and I am his forever

Never shall either of us let go, ever


Our passion keeps us together

Our love is so heavy, weights seem like feathers

We hold each other all through the night

And in winter, our hearts hand-in-hand take flight

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