The rumbling storm

Tue, 06/08/2021 - 19:41 -- mrapook

i know it’s coming with a sniff of my nose
the scent in the air lets me know it’s close.

the impending storm coming around the bend
flowers will drink from what nature sends.

drops start bouncing off the sidewalk floor
the wind keeps knocking on the front door.

windows are weeping long dripping tears
the pane starts shaking from what it hears.

rumbling fights amongst the dark clouds
the covered sky’s flashing tremendously loud.

splintering tentacles are stretching out
splitting a tree before hitting the ground.

scaring children with it’s frightening sound
hiding under the bed, my dog could be found.

striking and crackling many more times
the room went dark, there were no more chimes.

now within the darkness all i could see
the window’s reflecting flashes and the split tree.

then the storm eventually strolled on by
shy beams of light peeked through the sky.

everything was still when it all subsided
the air was heavy and muggy outside.

but after her tantrum, nature knew what to do
as flowers drank the left over dew.

looking up and around, wanting to stay
everything became fresh as a brand new day.

walking outside, i began nodding my head
realizing after life's darkness, i can start again.

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Comments are welcome and encouraged

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