Someone That Inspires me the Most- Scholarship

Have you ever seen a color and thought about what it would be like as a person?

I wonder if it's personality is visible and certain.


How yellow sings when it sees the sun,

Or how teal whelves its thoughts through song?


I met a bundle of colors on a cold september morning.

Thankful that her blues, greens and pinks forever showing.


I couldn't quite pinpoint what color she represented.

or how her socially awkwardness was being presented


but one thing is for certain, and collapses over the rest.

because her colors were different than how she dressed.


A blue jacket over a glistening, yellow personality.

Grey bars held up only where I could see.


But beyond the bars was a beautiful black musical staff!

There were more colors than my small blue eyes could grasp.


She writes her name and number on a white sticky note for me.

the purple ink had spoken infinitely.


Thank you Brianna for the best of six years!
by having you as my best friend, I will overcome some of my greatest fears.





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My family
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