The spider had crawled in from the depths of the unknown

The girl, seeing the creepy crawler, screamed to her bones

Oh, wait a minute! Amongst the shadows in the dark

Lies a man as strong as a shark

With his mighty stead, he came with the vacuum sword

Tackling down the demon along on the board.

The creepy crawly has finally disappeared without a trace,

Leaving this event as a solved case.


On the first day of school, the teacher asked the girl, “What will you be?”

The girl answered, “A film director smiling in glee.”

Her wishes and aspirations always seem bright

Her classmates who find her crazy, she still shows the light.

Not all stars shine the light forever

For this little star, it seems her dream will come never.

The man came along and seen her shed tears

The one he had watched for over many years

“Remember the world is full of monsters out there,” he said,

“Even with all these difficulties, you should never dim your flare.”

That is the first lesson he established to her with his heart,

This may as well be a life start.


Middle school has arrived

The girl starts with a jive

An overseas vacation is coming soon

Japan? Korea? France? Her imagination flies over to the moon

Little did she know the place she is travelling to is Vietnam, her roots

Unappealing and uninteresting, those were the attributes

During the journey, she took a trip to the orphanage

Exploring the jungle and unknown takes a lot of courage

An interesting discovery had come into her mind

The orphans were talented, smart, and very kind

Like she, the children dreamed big

However, the living environment was like that of a pig

The house was dirty, old, and smelly

Their dreams torn down, their life grown unhappily

The man said that this is the life of the many in here

Another lesson taught is something she needed to hear

This different life she had experienced in her eyes

How lucky and fortunate she was to live in America, she realized

It was not just a filmmaker’s degree she wanted in life

Helping children pursue their dreams is something she want to strive.


The girl continued to get good grades and respect her teachers

Every year, her talent grows with many features

In high school, there are more fights with the girl and man

Like any arrogant teenager, her thoughts ran

She had so much pressure as a teen to fulfill her duties

When she fell at times of failure, it definitely hit her booty

Two different minds, yet born alike

In arguments, they always seem ready to strike

As the girl is reaching her adult year

Getting out of the house was something in her mind that’s clear

When she thought she could do things on her own, it was painful

But the results of her hard-earned project were quite gainful

It was time for the last lesson, the one that strikes the head

A series of thoughts that has to be read


In his words, he explains how to life a fulfilling life

It’s not about having a lot of money, houses, or even a wife

Success comes in you

As long as you are compassionate, kind and strong, it’s the path you choose

Never be blinded by material, it always hits you back

In the future, it will be love that you lack

In return, remember that you can be strong

But also, always remember to be kind to people so that life will be a song


These are the words of my father, and the girl who is me

He is the biggest influence as you can see

Obama, Disney, others, say what you will

He guided me through tough times, he is the hero by the hill

When I get older and successful and smart

“Be compassionate and kind” is where I will once again start

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My family
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