You used to bicker, holler, and fight

Yeah, I still heard, even though I was in bed at night

How could one sleep when you were yelling at the top of your lungs?

Been that way since I was young

Do you know how hard it's been?

You were the reason I got trapped in my own fight, when I though I couldn't win

When I started to listen to you, to listen to all of the shit you said

At that time, I thought I was better off dead

But you never fucking noticed, otherwise, I'd be surprised

By now I've stopped listening to those lies

I'm better now, after a hard few years

All of them filled with tears...

Y' know, I was willing to forgive you? To let it all go

But then, you made that decision without letting me or mom know

You decided to move out, to break up with my mother

But before you got home to pack, did you even bother to tell her?

No, you jackass, you didn't even let us know you were debating

I wonder who it is next that you'll be dating

You lost your chance, because this I won't forgive or forget

So you go on, leave, take your cigarettes

And while you were at it, did you have to take Willow?

The sweet dog, who just lost her best buddy a month ago?

I tried to tell you, leave her here, let her be happy

But the response you gave, was what hurt me badly

You looked me in my eyes full of tears

And you undid every good thing you've done over the years

Mom watched, she was right, got your response word-for-word

Why couldn't another set of words be heard?

You told me, it was your decision, my mom and I never mattered

Or did we, dad? Did I miss something in the repetitive pattern?

You said you didn't try to act like the asshole, but honestly?

You could've fooled me

So go. I don't care anymore.

I'm tired of crying on the floor

I'm sick of it all, I don't want to see you again

If it so happens, you call, well then, 

You know your answer, a "No" in bold, red ink

Because for now, I'm severing the link

Good luck dad, I hope you find someone to make you happy

Maybe someone might thaw that frozen heart, if it exists, but one day

I hope you realize, all of the crap you have done to me

Maybe one day, I might get a sorry

Whether I forgive you or not... well dad, I don't know

You'd have to get off your high horse of assholedom

Come down into the land of empathy

And you'd have to truly talk to me

Not a text, not a call, not a thirty-second conversation

Maybe then, our words would not need translation

If that were to happen, I would consider forgiveness

But until then, all I have for you is pure, unadultured hatred


(Image and poem credits to myself)

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My family
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