Because I Love You

Because I love you, I decided to stay

I listened to every possible excuse that you had to say


Because I love you, I clung on until the very end

I resented God for even attempting to condemn our sin


Because I love you, I forgave you for deteriorating my heart

You were too aware of the tears from the very start


Because I love you, I taught you how to love yourself

I disregarded your flaws and prioritized your health


Because I love you, I taught you how to love others, too

Hopefully you won’t disappear on her and leave without a clue


Because I love you, I gave you every single piece of me that I could offer

Silly me: why would that be enough for you if it wasn’t even enough for my father?


Because I love you, I disregarded my abandonment issues

Though i know i can always count on sad songs and used tissues


Because I love you, I’m okay with the heartbreak

It was an honor to love someone like you, regardless of the pain


Because I loved you, I now realize my worth

I no longer want you back because I am not what you deserve


Because I used to love you, I learned what I am capable of

I hold the power of the world inside the seams of my glove


Because you no longer love me, I stopped loving you, as well.

And I am finding happiness in the little things, because I have finally learned how to love myself


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