The caterpillar has been eating green, dull, leaves all her life

Not giving a care

Not caring about what is happening in her environment

She is too busy eating leaves


A feeling tells her it's time to change

It's time to become a butterfly


She is afraid, afraid of facing the consequences of her metamorphosis

She is too accustomed to eating leaves

It’s what she has done all her life, relying on mother nature's gifts

It’s all she knows


But the butterfly inside her says:

Being a caterpillar won't allow you to explore valleys and fragrant flowers

It won’t allow you to suck the sweet nectar that life has to offer

Being a caterpillar won’t give you opportunities

It will bond you to your same life, eating green dull leaves

So caterpillar, do you want to remain eating leaves your entire life and be eaten by the birds around you?


The caterpillar thought


With all the doubts in her tiny mind she accepted her fate and formed her cocoon

Thinking about billions of possibilities


The caterpillar really wants to become a butterfly

She wants to taste the sweet nectar that life has been waiting to give her


But she doesn't want to risk it all


She is afraid that if she does then there would be no way back to her dull, green, leaf


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