Celebrity Sonnet #411




Lights, Camera, Action, stars that live the life

But let Rae tell it, They “ain’t livin right”

Wiz Khalifa divorcing up his wife

And Ray Rice knocking his “out like fight night”


Miley Cyrus teaching teens how to “twerk”

Not quite good for showing “a woman’s worth”

Young Thug “don’t tell ‘em” how “bleedin” ain’t work

Or how “stoners” aren’t promised life on earth


Stars should make things right before it’s too late

So our youth will not make the same mistake

So ones that mirror won’t rely on fate

And cherish their lives, so “own it” like Drake


“Life’s a test” but “that’s just the way it is”

“Born sinners” and all but handle your biz

-By: Samaria E. Christian

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