My Awesome Not-So-Little Brother

If someone asked you what or who you thought was awesome, what would you say?

I would say that it was awesome watching my brother blossom into a young man everyday.

Traveling to all of his soccer tournaments, screaming, shouting, “I’m you’re #1 fan!”

Giving him a knuckle bump after his game, looking at him, and saying “you’re the man.”

My brother Ben is such a big and amazing part of my life,

And I wouldn’t give him up, not even to his future wife.

We always go on adventures in the forest preserve by our house,

Running around the woods faster than a mouse.

But for those gloomy weathered days there’s always a movie to watch on Netflix,

Our favorites are those family oriented movies with life-lesson-learned themed conflicts.

Whenever we drive somewhere we’re always bumping to the hottest jams,

But sometimes we don’t agree on a song and knock heads like rams.

I cherish every moment that I am privileged to spend with this boy,

He always sees the positive of things and expresses so much joy.

If he wasn’t my brother he would be my best friend,

Putting aside the age difference in the end.

I can truly say my brother and I are two peas in a pod,

And for that, I just really want to thank God.
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My family
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