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I've never had my head spin and blank out so hard,Never tried to stay awake for nights,Because the darkness was absolutely terrifyng,The ones you trust become an unsure thing,
Sometimes, all you can do is hold yourself together and try your best to stay strong, Even when it feels like everyone is against you and that everything you are doing is wrong.
You keep trying to piss me off with the games that you play, But I don't think you realize who you are dealing with, and that I can go all day. You want to slam doors, and you think that I am going to go back and fourth with you,
You are right And I’m wrong Like a bad song I keep my lips tight And my face as long As I can all year long.
You tried your best to break me, You thought you could shake me. You wanted to try and fight me, You thought you had defeated me. You thought you had me knocked down,
Girls must have the undeniable rights to speak,And the God-given rights to choose and pick.Girls must have the rights to be educated,To be respected and to be protected.Girls are human beings too;
This is my gay poem My poem about pride And about finally coming out to my parents after 23 years But you know some news falls on cotton-filled ears Never bothering to ask where they got the cotton from.
A switch is what it’s like between me and you. One day you’re turned on and I’m off. What should I do?    You scream so loud to try n’ get through
Frozen Wind was a warm road selected for the journey    Oftentimes written as though the author knew the act    I will challenge them many, walking the steps, the undulated concrete  
The year I was born Was the same year Matthew Shepard was murdered The same year blood filled our televisions And anger burned our throats The year I was born was when everything changed
Today I am a sad poem Not because of any man Or any woman either Not because there is nothing to be happy about And I have much to be thankful for I am a sad poem because I’m sad
I waited for you in the hallway But I did not hear your voice I waited for your call in the night But my phone did not stir I waited for your love But it would never be mine  
Notre Dame will win the game Cause gold & blue Is nothing new And the golden dome Will take them home To blue delight  Where Irish fight
He fights every battle He seizes every throne He brings bloodshed and destruction To every home   He kills with no mercy
They promised it'd get better.I told them I believed them.It's been 3 or 4 years.And I still don't see a thing.For who am I doing this?This hasn't been worth it.I'm waiting and waiting.I'm not allowed to say I'm not strong enough, I've come all th
#Black Lives Matter Its not enough.   Its not enough, posting a black-out screen on instagram Children grow up in fear around the world. In fear of leaving their homes,
Time was like water but you were like wine Sweet ocean, bruised, black, and bleeding the times Yeah, time was like water but you were wine I cant remember when you were mine
I start to rise and then I fall, 
All you truly ever wanted was a friend, 
Hate swelled up inside me, choking me,strangling me, hiding myself from behind it i could only stand and watch as i bellowed and shout at my friend.   I heard me abuse him,
Every nun wears a ring Brides of god  an astonishing act, as if deception of hell came true with bush marks and artists cheering   Rain is wetting windows, but what about trees
The lights of the city glide within me  but do not pierce through me with their glitter deep in me there still persists the black depths of the black history i hear singing  
This is the dark time,my love, all round the land brown beetles crawl about. the shining sun is hidden in the sky, red flowers bnd their heads in awful sorrow.   This is the dark time,my love
When i was stumbling in the dark,confused and crying out for help, this friendly fello seemed amused;   And while i fought like anything to keep the candle lit  he cheerfully reviewed
It's been a while now   I used to cut and cry and repeat   But now I finally know    How that battle can be beat        
A day out of 366 Stars spun around and spanned  My words spiced with salts of a hysterics The loneliness of which is damned But joy I keep, is even   And when I sip, the life goes on
i am the sun -- bright and joyous, rarely clouded, warm and friendly, unknowingly smothering.   he is the moon -- cool and collected,
you are blue in its dullest and brightest forms.   you are the sky, throwing your arms open above me with no clear idea of what you're trying to reach.   no matter where i'm looking, i always see you.  
yell, scream, shout   silence is scarce.   with every word spoken, a new argument begins.   each room of the house is a minefield.   i tread lightly, but somehow always become collateral.
Why is it so hard to get better when that is what you really want to do? Some days it is easy, and other days it is so hard that the thought of being in control is something that you can't do.
Shadows sorround me Nights never go and never ends Deep waters drowned my hope And the glittering lights are all gone Lights of happiness come now Glimpse your hope to me abound
I can not fillthis empty void in my chest. I donot have a constant emotion because they play games of back and forth like playing Red Rover in elementary school, or playing me like their personal game of chess.
Courage, pain, pleasure, All emotions expressed in one's life, Some bring beauty and other's stay hidden away, Locked away in a box, growing heavier every day
Don’t be afraid to walk this way Don’t be afraid of life Don’t be afraid to try new things  Don’t be afraid of light. Darkness might make you scared
All my insecurities are drowning me in the depth of my despair Coming to the surface once more to remind me of the girl I used to be  The girl that used to put on a mask for everyone to see 
Clouds, the molecules within them like crystal beads of regret.   They left one another alone for too long and they cried themselves into a snowstorm.
 “A disastrous war will lead to our freedom.”  Or so, you say.  “There is no path. It’s the only way.”    Fight to the bitter end
It's HARD These Days To Fight ... " The Good fight " ... !!! When So MANY Things Are Kept From ... "Sight" ... !!!!!
Shine like a diamond when the world calls you coal   Ignite like a flame, even in winters so cold   Fly like a dove when storms are approaching.   Stand tall like a tree, when no one is watching
The air is cold, but not cold enough for snow Not yet My heart is broken, but not broken enough for tears Not yet You thought you defeated me, but I’m not defeated enough to let you win Not yet
The happy days of the playgroundhave disappeared. How can a little freckled size bugcause so much anxiety and fear.  Now every day is a battleBetween a dark depression and a fading light of hope.
I can see you lurking in the darkness, I can hear your voice in my head, I've felt the tear drops as they've fallen due to the horrible things
Sometimes I shower in the dark. But these are not my darkest moments.
Don’t give up and never give in Keep fighting the fight and someday you’ll win So don’t give up and never give in I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again   This world will not greet you
I entered the cold and windy sea To see what I could see There was something I had in mind A treasure I couldn’t find   I was searching for a crab To fit the habitat that I had
Good bye uterus You were ridiculous Crying bloody tears for years For years You tried to kill me today I said no way Hysterectomy
You want me to feel broken Alone, nowhere to go I’ve heard the blades you’ve spoken I have the scars to show   But I won’t stand by complacent Won’t let you spread your hate
You hit me hard You played your cards You broke a glass And caught the shards   you broke my heart tore it apart You left me here Nowhere to start   So the story goes
Yes I am broken, but I am not defeated. I am like a salmon breaking through the surface of the water in order to fight the current. I am a glow stick breaking in the hands of a child on a summer evening, spreading my light.
Forgiven not forgotten hard work for what I’ve gotten knocked down kept on knockin’ fell down kept on walkin’ Shut down  kept on talkin’ don’t give up
When I was a child I used to wonder why the veterans in town didn’t like the fireworks on the 4th of July. I thought that’s what they fought for, the freedom to make things go boom.
I do not care for violence Yes, you heard me right But if you hurt a friend of mine Then get ready for a fight   I was raised on stones and firewood With hot coals beneath my feet
Always one to fall in line, I learned early to obey. Silence and respect protect Against the everyday.  
So sick of crying but more sick of you The yous who are telling me what I should and should not be feeling The yous who are telling me how I should be healing None of you know, how could you nor do I 
People talk, people stare, that doesn't leave me to wallow in sorrow. no excuse to let down a tear, when there's a greater future in my tomorrow.
Labeled an extra after sixteen years of never surrendering. Becoming a quiet murmur in a background of a thousand, until the exploding power of "o's" and "a's'",
Robbed of a sweet childhood, you stole my innocence. I wanted to save you and you punished me for loving you. I wanted to take your pain away, you wanted to intensify my heartache.  
All my life I've guarded my closest angels as they fell ill, Cursing sickness with demonic persuasions and washing down pills  with deadly compounds dressed in glass.   All my life I've watched
he's a liar. fear whispers in your ear, looks over your shoulder, places his cold hands around your neck.   "you can't possibly do it," he says. "thinkthinkthink
How hard is it to breathe? When your mind is not at ease? In a sense you think you're fine, try to hold it in inside. You affirm yourself, "I got this". But you're not the kind who's reckless.
i'm afraid.   it's a feeling i can't escape from — nothing i can turn a blind eye to, skip over, forget.  
The cursor tsks at me with every flash Impatient for the first mistake Sneering “I told you so” Before I have typed a single T   How can I encapsulate every fear, doubt, anxiety
I stood firm on the sands of time. Mind fresh, troubles having no rhyme. What did I have back then to lose? A new stage of life to bemuse. I speak of my first days of school. proceeding I knew not one rule.
I want, I need I’ve laughed, I’ve cried But I’m not to crazy To commit suicide   It’s not my only choice So stop saying that it is
I remember it like it was seconds ago. Anxiously, Waiting in the hall for my group to be called To awe a table of discriminators And teach these other girls a thang or two as if I was an educator
It's the same thing everytime. A presentation is assigned.   Names starting with "A" are the worst. I know I will be called on first.   And sure enough, without a doubt,
  Even if I'm not happy, Jesus will still be here. God will still hold my hand when I'm filled with fear. They still think I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly.
My feet pitter pattered as I walked towards the stage. My hands are starting to become clammy. I wonder, should I walk back or engage?
                      When I look at that face there is nothing in. This world more clear then what I see, this is someone who’s achieved nothing. A being so afraid to change it does nothing but stare.The embodiment of sadness and anxiety.
Waxy lips, Purple ‘n thick Rear view, A devious kick Sing-song giggles, A soft purse Stomach churning, A biological curse   “How do I look baby?” “Pretty mom,” I say
When you looked at me, I knew we were meant to be. You warmed my happy heart, My young soul believed we would never part.   When we laughed at each other,
Fear. The fastest emotion to reach the brain to create a fight or flight reaction Fight.  Fear causes a person to attack to rid of whatever caused the fear. Flight.
You think you are out there all alone, you are not meant to be alone. Your heart is not made of stone, but your will is that of stone. The voices inside on and on they drone, but you are alive and not a drone.
Underwater it seems I live my life today. There is no escape from the thoughts I call my own, The fear, the shaking, the future unknown My body reacts without control  There is no end in sight. I hate
I slept and I slept, and I slept Sinking to an insurmountable depth Couldn’t revive or arrive for a breath Where am I, who of me is left?   This tailspin, burnout, whatever you call it
perserverance .     So I focused. strength .    So I needed faith. tired .  So I gained power. weak .    So I kept going. push.   Until I gained courage. through.    So I felt the drive.
Hidden within the crevasses on my infinite mind. Disguised as my voice he patiently awaits,  striking only when most opportune On days of insecurity and inferiority  only then he would come create chaos.
Something new or that one thing daily Nobody can ever guess what the day will hold As humans we can either stay to what we know
Something new or that one thing daily Nobody can ever guess what the day will hold As humans we can either stay to what we know
I dream no dream, And fight no fight. My real is beyond dreaming, And my fight is to use my wings to fly.
Beware my stream of consciousness Kill your bloated self-confidence Like a rope around your throat Or a .30 aimed at your noggin This rhyme flow is undisputed these verses go undefeated
The word "fight" never seemed to apply I see its far more than what meets the eye A promise made in youth that must live when youth dies And I fight. Oh, its a front and a facade - yes, I fight!  
I’m sorry... I’m sorry I’m not the perfect girl, and that I couldn’t be selfish for once. I’m sorry that I am nice to a flaw, but that is simply who I am. I am sorry that my decisions led you to today.
Will I cower by the fire that shines into the night? Or venture into the darkness and look my fear in the eyes?   If I just give up, If I just give in, If I just lay down and cry,
I feel it begin, the drip drop of the rain, The ominous storm, soon to devour my soul, My heart screams denial, it crushes my chest, The hot rain beats down, I lose all control,
I'm not able, I'm sorry i just want to end the call I'm supposed to be the the Invisible Soldier who's trusted by all and never blow his composure and as much as i wanted to see the world better
Press start to begin Fighter thrown into battle Decked out in armor   It is just a game It’s a game you want to win Excited, you run  
It’s a tragedy for those of us who stay the same When time tries to heal, but we stand against the winds of change Because you resist, you’ll make the same mistakes Those are the choices of us living not in love but hate
   Pretty bird fall away Pretty bird come and play God made us out of clay But we don’t give a shit not even a prayer of thanks We live in a world where I don’t care is the coolWe live in a world when not giving a fuck is praised Killing our broth
It's okay to have a bad day It's okay to have a bad day after months without incident It doesn't mean all of your hard work was for nothing It's okay to have another day Where the floor is lava
Listen closley head my words  for what you know is not the world the  world is better greater than this what we've done shall'nt be dissmissed The lion hold the gun then ends himself
You think the lord for that wonderful gift I pray and ask him why in the world did he curse me like this Hurt since birth feeling worthless and shit Tryna find love got me hanging off of a cliff
So close I could almost taste it. Yet, all along, I knew I'd be scared to face it.  The thing I'd been chasing The one I'd been craving. Yeah, I'm scared to face it. It's a paradox A pandora's box
So close I could almost taste it. Yet, all along, I knew I'd be scared to face it.  The thing I'd been chasing The one I'd been craving. Yeah, I'm scared to face it. It's a paradox A pandora's box
When I'm knocked to the ground by his punch, When I'm overwhelmed by the damage he has caused to my body, When my breathing is shallow and my training is fading,
My beloved is like Jonah; He's been in the belly of the Beast. Once the whale had thought him dinner, Jonah was quickly freed. My beloved is like Matthew; Imprisoned, though not to blame.
My family doesn't like you. They judge from what they hear. But I know you better, Now let me make this clear: You're my husband and constant companion. You're my family, and my friend.
The dark it smells like charcoal, the fear it holds me inside assassinates the sanity  breakdown the senses of pride the emptiness it has me tight within the grip
I am not saying I’m suicidal,I think I just get tired easily,It’s always a battle of survival,To fight to live a life successfully,
A dark abyss swallows my soulLonely and cold, out of controlI push and I pushInside, always breakingNever forgetting, Never forsakingA smile, simpleIt hides my fear
Struggling to survive in bondage to the queen of Egypt. As slaves do we render unto her a taxation of our time, possessions and even our lives. Her vain satisfaction has caused pollution in our oxygen.
I am the ocean. So deep. You couldn’t possibly see everything inside of me. And why would you want to? It’s dangerous. It’s dark. You can’t breathe. I try to pull you inside because I want to feel closer to you.
You first introduced yourself when I thought I lost everything. You told me I didn't need them, that they were holding me back. Now, it's you holding me back.   
You first introduced yourself when I thought I lost everything. You told me I didn't need them, that they were holding me back. Now, it's you holding me back.   
I wonder if you know that I love you With all of my broken, twisted love, With all of the love you threw back at me,  And all the indifference you used to drown me.   I fight the love you give me;
He sat in a corner, all hunched up and scared. His eyes red and streaming from his cloudy mind. His jeans ripped just as his cheek is; His hair mangled just as his shirt is.
January 29, 2018     Dear all those who love me,   It sits there menacingly, waiting It’s come back around, and it’s ready for a fight I’ve prepared my armor…my guns
Dear Colored People, Colored or not! We are people and should be treated as so. Colored or not! I still have to take on the many challenges that come within a day.
Each breath I feel the army wanting to push the barricade  I swallow so much saliva it washes back  the front line back into the sea from which they arose They are fighters, no matter how hard I 
Dear Death, We are Strong! Yes, broken, but Strong.   We have seen you near and far And getting closer, so it seems. Yet this time our encounter Won't be more than just a banter.  
How could she not understand The pain she is causing her children She believes that my father will take all of us And he isn't holding us captive its our choice
On this day I wore red A color so beautiful and bold I did it to be ahead And hopefully it will have him sold   He, however, wore blue
Dear,AFFLICTION  I’m GLOWING UP and GROWING UP. That may upset most, and make many envy. Some may say “oh she’s acting new” or “she think she pretty” Never that honey. Honestly, this has always been there.
If only you knew the lengths I would go to be able to tell you how much I love you. Or the amount of pain I would endure to spend another night falling asleep in your arms.
I count to ten and i'm calm but I swear it's all in slow motion. One.. Her yelling echos through my head over and over, everything she has ever said to make me feel, worthless. Two…
Look to the line of morality. Your mentality, lost from actuality Where my red hand stands in a land you don’t understand And you try to reprimand me? Listen, I demand!   Perhaps I am reticent, hesitant
The angry skies on a sleepless night, Rolling thunder, flashes of light, A tireless battle midst roiling clouds.   A quick parry, a sudden thrust, Their booming voices,
A cut across the wrist Cuz who would miss this? A cut along the thigh So much easier to hide   Keeping it all hush hush
A cut across the wrist Cuz who would miss this? A cut along the thigh So much easier to hide   Keeping it all hush hush
The overwhelming exhale as I awake from a nightmare, those endless encounters with the fear of isolation, only drives me to become a more compelling individual who's mind is yet to be freed from torment and confusion. 'Expect the unexpected' the c
to the world that has made me hate you and that taught me to love you, you, my dear skin. my skin is my name, my skin is my attitude, my skin is my personality, my skin is me but  IT’S NOT.
I'm sorry I woke you You used to say I could. You crossed your fingers, nodded your head, like I knew you always would. You whisper sweet words of decit, as you look into my eyes
Can you hear me now? As I call out into the silence shattering the illusion of peace only to refill the space with the weeping of the mourning, and groaning of the dead, the screaming of the innocent
I don't want you to think it's over This is just the beginning Let repetition kill the potency Of the demons’ chant “we’re winning” Listen just one more time
keep my g silent like lasagna creep slow stay in the shadows call me it but i aint no clown wont catch me laughing i keep my pockets swollen like they just got done working out
inner strength those are the words rarely appreciated, seen, or heard. the strength is like a light, the fragrance of the sun shining at its best  working all as one. one light on its own,
You minipulate me made your aesthetic to be that of a devil's I guess its my fault Ive always been known to be a devil's advocate   You say you love me 
Emotions. Pain. It hurts, it hurts. Make it stop. Please, make it stop. Family. Together. Happiness found with each other. Good.   Fighting. Why do we fight?
Guns, drugs, sex, and more. These are the things that make you a whore. At least that’s what society has taught me, of course, about things I don’t deal with, things that seem Morse.  
Today I am trapped in echoing halls filled with the smokey darkness. Unable to see what good lies await.   I can't hear anything besides the calling the voices of creatures and monsters
Why should I slit my wrists and die, When you already broke my heart and made me cry You don't have any right to come back for me  How about you go die You've done so much damage, You ruined my life
Once upon a time, No. Let’s flash forward. This is the real story.   North China constantly
In life when situations are thrown at you there are two options To fight or flight To stand and fight for things in your life
My sisters name is Ariel, I am sure you all know her. She has such a soft heart and I've seen her conquer. We live in the ocean and she fell in love. She ran away to go live up above.
(For the sake of privacy purposes all names have been changed) "Every single detail in this story is true and happened in a way that makes me who I am now"
His hands are cold strings of light Mesmerized eyes with dark ash at sunrise Kisses that take more than give Mixed with a man's after shave and swear Warm underneath dearly painted lies
In a world built by the blood, sweat, and tears of people who look like meFrom the fields to front officesFrom the streets to street prophetsThey look at us and still see the whips and chainsThey owned us
Looking up at the stars feeling the grass on feet tears in eyes blood in the street. The wind is howling, the birds all scream, at the horrendous crimes that the media eats.
A  w  a  v  e   to a stranger despite their shore may capture a smile through times of war. Running               for
The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hate yourself The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hurt yourself
Unity If there is anything Our country needs more of It is That five letter word.
I felt the moist air Kiss my cheek As all of my limbs Grew so very weak  Looking around Watching flowers die In the meadow Where I lie 
There are no monsters in the closet-- Not yet. Because the fangs of friends have yet to be sharpened School is a land of heroes and misfits
Have I             told you before                     of what it’s like alone                                 sleeping in my bed at night?
We took a step back, I think. Interpret how you will, but I will interpret this year as thorns we have placed in our own fingertips preventing ourselves from moving and pretending we have been brushed
We fight to win we fight to win We close our eyes We stop our ears We shout to shout Not to convince or tell a truth We fight to win we fight to win
From the vibrations of my screams  to caper-colored bruises you denied me to be all women, a Woman in passion Woman in tears Woman with smiles Woman and proud.
Sitting in the dark Listening to them yell I watch from the stairs This is my hell Am I the reason? That they always fight What did I do? That causes this every night
Can you, for sure, say that you are alright?  I, with utter ease, can say no I’m not. I am like a porcelain doll, fragile, I am easy to break, easy to bend, helpless
This is it, we have won. But in reality, the battle has just begun. My brothers and sisters, together we stood tall. But as the fight continues, we must promise to never fall. We camp in glory, we camp at peace.
I saw fateful stars, Not twinkling with lullaby dust, But searing, scorching, bright with meteoric impact. I stumbled into black, a murky, messy plight of blurry edges, hollow words.
Standing Rock, so brave and free. It seems the rest of the world, they don't see, the police aren't here to protect you and me. My presence may not be felt there, but my mind travels far.
Just keep my mind inside my head We’ll be us both inside my bed I’ve got to keep my life instead Of staying in my lonely head  
As leader you have to protect,not to neglect for everything that comes your way.  As a leader you have to listen to the information. For your nation.  As leader you should express yourself
As the fire grows, and you take the blows, the real fight begins. Shots coming for the outside and within. The city crumples and the shouts ring clear, all hope begins to disappear.
One doesn't have to know for one to understand They just have to listen and be there to hold your hand   It's not too complicated to show them that you care Treat them with respect
though some few years since Bending Toward Justice storied treatise hot off the pressriveting, nauseating, disquieting wanton venomous unfairness, tremendous
We fall we get back up We crawl we learn to walk We sing we let out sorrow We revolt we change the outcome
Life is more than a hungry stomach and hearing gun shots on the corner of the block. Life is more than a fatherless home and family abandonment.
It's too bad I'm not a mas-o-chisttie me down like i asked-for-this   I'm screamingI'm strandedAbdicatedAbandoned   No. Free. Will.  
I always feel like an enemy.Fear not says my family.I'm a victim, And i will forever be.Why man have power over us?why they forever right?why they use us?I say no to man power.
Beep, Beep, Beep Waking from another Sleep Pitter-Patter, Teeth-Chatter as I scramble out of the bed By a secret whisperer I am led I am not disillusioned by no means As I rise from my future dreams
to test limits and defy explanation  to tread murky waters and not look back  to sour higher and higher and be able to look down  to concure fear with a flick of the wrist  to try 
My mama told me that I belong in the world. Now I never took her word for it, For I never met a man who belonged. Not really. Not truly.   We are all struggling to get somewhere.
I can’t breathe I can’t see Feeling so lost No light to guide me I have fallen Fallen deeper into the grave I can’t escape From this pain You can take my wings
Fire burning Through my veins, Hold on, get a grip... Grab the reins. Pull back... Ignore the attack. Breathe-- inhale...exhale Ignore the air, I know it's stale.
Why must I speak? Whenever I do, conflict ensues. Words are spat into each other's faces, False accusations in all places, As I helplessly watch. I apologize yet again,
Rock means nothing anymore, every artist a corperate whore. The gig is fucking twenty quid, policed by bullies in high viz. Organisers think its grand, snatching money from your hand.
It is delicious and sweet, So simple to enjoy, When not having to worry about a thing. For me that's not the case. I love food, at least I did But the relationship is on and off.  
I am a mother of two. I have nothing, but innovation and imagination. I promised myself as a kid that I would abberate myself from the norm. 
With a pen I write To attack the demons that come at night no matter how weak I might I will not relent from the fight 
Though I refrain a Frown By the Darkness I'm found Though I hide The Pain Won't Subside With nowhere to run I fight an agonized cry  Until I have won
A beautiful field of green full of commotion 
her words struck me like lightning. passion and strength erupted from her booming voice. it was beautiful and terrifying all at once.  
In the shadows  in the shade when the hope of past things fade forget the past forget the pain  when all is lost, it's not you, you try to save  it's brothers,friends, sisters,family 
Strength is about determinationthe power one has when things get toughFighting through the frustrationand remembering that life can be rough
  A hand desperately craved twisting and stretching pulling my strings   Now, in this new land To sense I’m enslaved
Don't yell at me. It no longer works. The damage is done. I have been broken.   I care no more. This game is wicked. I will not stay. Why must you damage?
I've always looked at life like a fight  ignoring that it might be one   I might not win     subduing the chaos  and guiding it into being okay    like a plant's tendrils  
Darling, something is wrong All day has been bitter words It seems our conversations have turned insolent I only asked for something from the heart
Afloat in the body of an endless sea Drenched suffocating as the shores no sight to me Fight to be loved Loving to fight The night holds me tight when I struggle for light Blood in the eyes of a sun that cries
we're dead while living. we're living but not breathing we were alive before being born, we grow without growing we see without seeing we hear but not everything we know
You have no idea how badly i hurt, how much pain i endure when my anxieties and fears pulse through my blood… How easy it seems to just let them out, it only costs an inch of flesh…
The fight is strong The will is weak We want the same We want a leader to rise up We want the war to stop We see no where to hide The fight will not stop We are killed We are stereotyped
Save me No save you, Harm in help, Help in harm, Hate is charm, Joy is pain, Wild is tame, Life is death, Death is free, But do not, Save me, I choose,
I open my eyes to another Hell As I’m pulled into another restless dream. I fight the demons though my fears swell I fight through their torture and schemes. I’m blinded by an explosion
Pain brings the saddest days or the happiest moments Pain of sacrifice is more bueatiful then a childs pain turned into a starlit lotus If you lose pain you lose focus
In your mommy’s world You were always her little girl. Quiet nights hands were lurking, Brother’s cold hands froze you in the night.
You can't take the good without the badYou can't be happy without experiencing sadConstantly fighting a battle with good and evilAlways running back and forth, two sides never equal
Mishaps turn into decisions, They leave the head ridden, Thinking and pondering. 
- I will leave this Earth by wrestling the Sun   If I am to be destroyed. build up my grandeur higher than the tallest mountaintops. Let Zeus himself look up and marvel at my glory.
Ink-smudged hands betray me Proof that I'm still fighting  My thoughts can be rambunctious I don't quite know where I am
If poverty dwells your wallet
Depression creeps into the pores of my skin.  It carries weight and all it does is makes me want to sleep.  It burries me into a hole that is very deep.  No one understands what I am going through. No one understands me.  
Seventeen means I’m too young It means I’m on the bottom rung It means I’m just a kid Who needs to keep a lid On her beliefs Because it might cause someone some grief To know
My hands shake, my knees tremble The words I say barely come out as a whipser The people look at me like im insane And maybe I am Maybe I am because the words I speak are not normal
"Feminism" is taking over, and wow, they have a point. Men can do what women do and women do as men. But is it really feminism...   When we tell a girl that she ought to wear pants
 WAR.... "War does not determine who is right... just... who is left."
Can you imagine this world that wakes up right before our eyes The trees shake, the sun shines, and the grass never dies
I hear the bang of the gun I rush to my tent I am all alone, scared But ready to fight I grab my gun and run to the line
When I was just a wee young thing,I was taught life's lesson well     
I lift my head 
Beauty is courage.
Fight to be Flawless
You think you're in control? You think you can get to me? Well you're wrong. You may hurt me on my inside, but I'm a sheild on the outside. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. LIES!
To speak but not to be heard.
All in all, you're just a brick in the wall But without you they all fall.
Why must we sustain ourselves and reframe ourselves to bes the perfect image of what others defines as perfect?
(A.K.A 'Question')Why praise God, onlyto curse & challenge His namewhen a trial comes?
I'm on the verge Can't you feel the energy surge I'm almost there So beware 25,000 points seemed out of sight But I scored it with all my might And that's right It was a very hard fight!
Judge me by my voice. Silence overlaps my words. See my eyes glisten with tears. Though I am bone dry from heart to toe. You feel my power in my fist. But I STOP! And leave your eye in tact.
Are you ready to see what hides behind the curtain? Can you handle something so uncertain? All you can hear is laughter from her lips, and see a shadow moving her hips. Are you ready to pull the curtain? Are you ready for the uncertain?
    Stifling sounds of a chair colliding with the adjacent wall send vibrations throughout my room.
"small lips", "big nose", "pale face", "big eyes", "small thighs", "fat in the wrong place",  "awkward", "strange", "too shy",  but "dont let them get to you", "dont you cry" smile, smile, smile. 
Sometimes I just look at you wondering how the world treats you, and what's going on inside your head.
Won't you hold me tight In the middle of the night Don't turn on the light Hold me with all your might You know it ain't right If we have a fight That seems to be my plight But your out of sight!
In an operation, surgeons pull away the skin. Their patient is a stranger. Every organ, muscle, and bone is known to them. Doctors dig inside their patients physical walls,
No one sees and no one can find What I hide beneath this facade of mine Constantly wanting for what cannot be Constantly wishing for a better school, A better life, And better friends
Breath your head is still above water Shh, no reason to cry the monsters can't get you anymore Scream that's right, Yell anything, just don't fall victim you're stronger now
Cycle in control Day to day like a zombie I stop to resist
This world is a place of darkness, What was once wrong is now right. People are cold and heartless. Black lingers behind the brightest light.   Monsters don't even hide in the shadows,
Why is it a chore to stay alive, Why do we laugh when we want to cry, Why do we hide behind a mask,
The riddles that ring,like the telephones from now and the pastThe dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always lastAnd when you answerYou want to know why they called
  I don't want to look in the mirror and see failure anymore.  I don't want to wish away my shadow.  I want to think of my reflection as beautiful. 
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
Everything is a struggle. For those to weak to fight.
Embrace My Love. Inhale my Spirit and Immerse My Soul. Let My life Explode Into Amillion Pieces. Let My Pain be Consoled. Drown In My Sins Until Evil Releases. As I am a Dove As for you Is A Crane.
You know they say gay marriage is not happening ! But if you wear two of the same socks or shoes. Then you matching it. In if you wear two different colors then you mixmatchin.
Do you know what that emptiness feels like Inside? When Knots in your Stomach Ties. Do you know what it feels like when your smile hides? Do you know what the coner feels likes when theres no one behind?
We were two minds into oneYour fight was mineMy tears shed through your eyesWe believed that our strings would never be cutUntil I shredded it to peices and walked away
Colors begin to fade. Hands begin to lose feeling from the tight grip. The walls begin to cave. Clothes are being ripped. Theres no light just shade. The room begins to spin. Tears roll down her face.
I wish I was special, But Im Just Different. I wish I Was A Gift, But im just a Present. I Wish I was a Blessin, But Im Just blessed. I wish I could Fly, But instead I can Walk.
We are trapped,  We are lost,  We need to get out,  But we do not know where we are, We are slaves to the rich,  Lets get on the piss,  Lets charge the gates of gold, Lets break te chains,
You've move on now and I respect you I will never come between the 2 . But when I said I Love You I commited my heart to you. My souls crys for you . My heart whispers to you.
If you could Place your arms on someone for the last time, would you just hold me? If you could walk anywhere in the world you wanted, would you walk out my life?
No frills No fluff No sugar coat   Let's just jump
Tell me something 
I want to hear —   like
is still here 
in our world 
with that tigress grin 
an infectious echo 
of character and grace
I live in the darkness I can hear the blades get sharpened i am cold and wet All i have is this carpet, which i use as a blanket I do what i'm told and my stomach is still flat
I was a broken child from a broken home, But now im Becoming A women being put back together. Im Not Alone, I Walk With My Dreams And Live With My Fears,
A piece of meat cornered by beasts, lured into the trap, and now you're their feast. They don't kill you, but eat you alive. They like it better when you fight.
all will bow and hushin the Creator's presencewhen Judgement's due. 
Can anyone hear me?
Happy were the days when I played with my brother Then all of a sudden, we got called in one after the other. We sat down, him with my sister and me with my mother. Confused and slightly nauseous, she told me the news.
That's when cracks form Tiny fissures Twined throughout  The whole relationship Invisible to the naked eye Until a moment of impact Crashes in And everything shatters.
Just like lightening you struck me without warning, We were two missing puzzles who became whole You build your own shrine in my heart and saw it burning, We were like milk and cereal in a bowl
The Butterfly,is so vibrant, so enchanting, and so pretty!
At the time she believed no one cared
"Why me?" She sits in the corner of her room Crying and Slowly dying "Is it even worth it?" Should she end it?
I don't understand why we are the way we are, Most of this generation's cares belong to money and cars, What happened to all the kindness, respect and laughs, All we distribute is violence, hatred, jabs.
I think it's about time for the change to be birthed. It's about damn time for the truth to be heard. It is about that time for the tables to be turned. A second where all the lies will finally be burned.
I know that I have problemsI know it's not your fault.And that on every wound you ever hadI poured on saltI always say forgive meBut I never really change
  It used to be
Most consider Africa the mot
From my moment of creation I had a determination  
last night I threw words I knewwould burrow themselves insideyour chestand set fire to your ribcagejust to watch you burnand I’m sorry;I don’t mean to be so cruelwhen I holdso much good.
Society Says this! Society says that!
There were so many sleepless nights, days where you'd lie in bed, and hardly even bother to see the light. You couldn't find a reason, but you were just broken.
They label us an “entitled generation,” Saying we only want what we want and want what we think we deserve. What we think we’ve earned What we think others have earned for us.  
Its these that scare me more than anything its that what's said today
I try to live my life as you see fit  To be the person you want me to be and not who I desire to be  My heart yearns for freedom my unspoken words dig into my flesh 
A difference you are Making as a butterfly’s' phase in life.  
I push and I push,
The battle's raging, A war in my head. Shot's have been fired, My feelings all dead. I sound the alarm and call for retreat. But its too late for that, As I've already been beat.
I miss the days where we could be carefree. No bills. No anger of any real sort. No stress. No money to worry about managing. But that was a world we lived in as children. Young and unaware of the World's true colors.
It's bleeding time The lost soldier Burried in the midst of the fight Death among the living Damned when we are young Stung by what we hold so dear Where will you go when you die?
Sneakers, gym shoes, my father call them gymmies. Nikes, Jordans, Jays ; I love them Its funny;
I sit on the edge overlooking the hedge, Asking myself if this will be the last night; Dancing around the topic that's in everybody's mind   We dance with death, We flirt with disaster
A desperate question, asked by a friend Five simple words- “Have you set a date?” My heart quickened my mind raced Did you know that queries could be daggers?
We live in a world where no one is accepted It’s 2014 and nothing much has changed Society is way harsher now than it was in 1960 1960 was the time where everyone accepted each other for who they were
Stuck fighting a battle that's not her own
You can never be betterYou will never do betterYou don't deserve betterThat's what I tell myself everydayI look in the mirrorDisgusted with my appearanceFull of regret from the decisions I've made
When it's gotten so hardThat you scream upon deathTo take you away from this miserable placeAnd you cry because no one can even noticeThat your crumbling insideThat your shattering into pieces
When we first said hello, I grinned from the side of the door. You looked at me sedated and when you lifted your hand
Why do we fight?
The decisions she's made lurk behind her like a predator and it's preyShe's never known where she belongedShe's never known what to sayHer voice weak in the crowdsShe cannot speakShe cannot be heard
I dont have a dream, i have a reality i wont let it be taken away from me because you found some fucking technicality My grades arent perfect, this i'll will admit but ill work my ass off to make the puzzle fit
Silence   This isn’t how we should be. But we’ve decided that's how it will be.
These words are in my head Shouting, begging to be released. They have slowed but never ceased, Weighing me down like lead.   I try to keep them inside Tucked away in the dusty corners
I sit in my room every night trying to think "Why did we fight?"
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
We all wear a mask Only taking it off at dusk When the society can see you in darkness You pretend you know what is happiness Ignorant of pain,agony and blasphemy Hiding the reality
How could you easily let go the one thing you said you love without a protest without a fight and leave it there broken walking away.   You say it hurt you to release your grasp
Fight to stay alive, fight to keep  the boiling blood in my veins, fight to keep myself moving in this messd up place we call our world. To fight will take endurance, to fight will take skill that only  a few of us possess.
The pain of my unspoken mind The bitterness of my unspoken truth The chains of my exasperating fears The loss of my god forsaken youth   My heart lies beneath my honest intentions
 There once was a warrior, and
we ask for nothing but to be respected yet you treat us like an abomination
I got people looking up to meBut  I'm just not that heroic.It's like I'm living a double life,I promise you don't even know it, Cause I don't even show itAnd I don't even flow it
Bold Dark presenceWreaks its havocAmongst the people,Poison’d human Morality,Degraded by Brutality,Guarded from Equality,Caged by harmful Mentality.
Life is a struggle
Life itself, Is our biggest challenge, yet our best competitor, which makes us unbalanced   As children, Were born with “life” as our Inspiration
Original in Spanish:
Adversity what does that word even mean Does anyone know? I think the last man to feel it
I give my all My dreams are my youth Take them away from me I’m a T-shirt, shorts, and shoes. And you know damn well that I’m gonna fight, Because when it comes to my dreams When it comes to my life,
Can He still feeel the nails dig in? Each time I fall and just give in To evey lie? To evey sin?
If you are a real christian you will love everyone, for love is the greatest commandment of all,Hatred causes arguments, but love overlooks all wrongs.
Rain equals Grain, retain pain, reveal your burn, the shadows win, you may duel with the devil, make sure you win
Launch me into the atmosphere, So I can float among the stars.Sail me across the ocean,
She cries softly, Tears drive down her cheek. Hopelessness fills her body greatly, And she fears the next encounter. How shall she escape,
You’re acquainted with the fight little girl,
The sky is broken and I wish I could know why because right now it feels like the only one who will understand. There used to be flowers on or fingertips but they wilt with every word.
  I am a woman, Not a figurine that can be stood on a shelf
Your wings are strong
We always look down instead of looking up. We always say no when we can say yes. We always kiss when we can hug. We always walk when we can run. We always stand there when we can do something about this.
Why must we always question authority? Obviously we should back down, We're simply the minority.    I'll tell you why we stand and fight, Why we won't give up the shiny crown,
crescents digging in my palms crimson on porcelain buzzing in my ears buzzing all around burning in my eyes screaming in my head copper on my tongue fire in my throat
Because of history, I am seen as nothing more then a figure to be worn on the side of a man.
Take hold of the darkness, step into the light Let go of your worries, dont give up the fight, Each day is a balance of the good and the bad, For a moment of joy you must also feel sad.
Take hold of the darkness, step into the light Let go of your worries, dont give up the fight, Each day is a balance of the good and the bad, For a moment of joy you must also feel sad.
Take hold of the darkness, step into the light Let go of your worries, dont give up the fight, Each day is a balance of the good and the bad, For a moment of joy you must also feel sad.
Passive verbs will do just fine Unless of course, you wish to be kind Original characters are just great Unless of course, they arrive too late Use my names, or two, or three Unless of course, they belong to me
A kiss is just a kiss  Until you find the one you love, A hug is just a hug Until you find the one you're always thinking of. A dream is just a dream Until it comes true, Love was just a word
Oh sun, Oh sun How he does rise To watch the cheerful play, See him illuminate the skies, And hide before each day, Oh sun, oh sun What warmth he brings, To ever leaf and flower,
They don’t wanna see me with you, they say I can do better But what do they know? Tellin me how to feel and how to love At the end of the day nobody knows about this but US
Why stand alone when the battle is nearly won Why stand alone eventho the odds are against your will
  Riding for miles, Your perfect smiles,   Silent conversations, Innocent flirtations,   The hot, sunny days, They passed me in a daze,   Mindless texts, Not knowing what comes next,  
Sometimes we disagree, But that’s okay. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re always there, You’ve helped me grow, And you always know what to say,
Lips, pierced, lined but swollen. Eyes narrowed, but your content was stolen. Purple outlines, slits along my jaw, like nails they scrape but my eyes, they call.
Don't leave. Just don't. Stay close to me. Be patient and gentle, then you'll see. Get to know me. I have layers upon layers of thought spent on who I am. There's contradictions.
" You little brat" I wouldn't believe you, I had no reason to. "That's what you are a brat!" It was just a little mess, just clothes on the floor. "you don't care about anything except your self."
The lonely angel with a broken wing Knows all the pain that truely stings. He remembers ever face that's passed his eyes, He must keep living while everyone dies.  
I'm fighting
My heart is hot like fire My head is drumming hard As I climb the mountain higher I realize that I'm far   I push myself forward because my body is weak But I am climbing towrds
Pain.It strikes quicklyalmost unnoticedalmost unfelt.It settles in stages-A fear, a sadness,you shiver, you shakeyou feel the heart quakecrumblethe feeling sinks in
 I crawled out of my grave. I stare with red rimmed eyes in shock as the emotions and truth  rape my brain. I gasp and swim with the stars as my eyes swim in tears full of epiphanies.
Follow-~> The woman in blackWho looks for her child. <~- Retreat To the safety of homeWhen the child is found Open-~> The book of spellsAnd wait till nine <~-Close
I walk among the childrenSome young and some oldLike the oak tree in myGrandfather’s house. The wind ruffles the leaves.It is a foggy fall night.Im not alone.At least I tell myself I’m not.
School is torture This I can not be more sure The teachers like vultures Misery they ensure When the bell rings They act like kings Barking out commands That every student withstands
Da Dom Da Dom Da Dom (heart beat)Before I knew of his mistake I’d already condemned himEven as he tried to explain I scolded him for action he never madeRazor held high I went in for the killHe’d never hurt another
A Letter to you my black women, Do not let your curves define you.  Your thick lips, circular behind curved hips, kinky hair be your primary worth.   Realize you are not only your astounding exterior
I one was as a-rottin' As you'd think a man could be I spent my days a-loadin' My 1873  I had no wife to watch me I'd lost her years ago As for my one and only son He had no fights to own 
Ridiculous the way you all try to tell us that tests will define us align us  along your lines which we  are not allowed to cross. Ridiculous the way that they tell
a fight,starts slow,anger ignites it,screams,anything to say what we mean,settles,then ignites again,the words spill out,the worst thing you've ever said,it hits her like a ton of bricks,you win,she cres,you try to apoligize,yet she still cries,sh
  I find myself torn, not real sure which way to turn. Who to believe, or what to think. Should I trust my feelings, or should I stick to logic? This is becoming too much,
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
Love thy name Why not love it? It is special Love thy name Was is it not sent from above? It matches the beautiful person Love thy name Could you be with you without it?
I wrote a hundred poems About you, for you, to you, But you never realized Did you? Those words were not just words They were physical pieces Of a priceless heart A paper and ink home
God made the perfect creation when he made womenSo elegant, charming with their smiles
I knew where I was headed, Lost in thought, nose in a book: Dragons, fairies, elves and sugar plum days. Every thought, every move.
Shelter disdainful epiphanies behind latched heart For pity to sneakily evaporate And emotions grow painfully tart To mediate the dormant desire into blossomed state.   Drag Restless on her knees;
  All alone in a sea of despair Until I realized I have the Sun A sun I never realized was there In a world full of darkness there is always a light The longer we linger, the harder the fight
I died last night Gave my best Took all my strength But I still lost the fight Fought for our love with all of my might But all my dreams came crashing down Heart ripped out my chest
I write because I never could throw a punch. I never could run fast enough jump high enough or beat you in sports at recess, But I could run circles around your head with unparalleled linguistic prowess. I spoke daggers,
You said you would be my shining starLook into the night skyI know where you are
Clockwork heart. Wind it up and off it goes. Don't get too close, or it might explode. Dormant, it lies, therefore unscathed. It one was new, pure, whole, expectant.
I still don’t understand why you left,maybe I never will The confusion is crippling,I keep going downhill My mind is cloudy,like I’m mentally ill Why can’t I stop my thoughts,I need a sleeping pill
Escaping from it's place some time ago,  no direction - searching for an unknown soul.  In need of comfort, another person who's unclear.  Looking and looking, and the time comes near. 
  Negritude… A conceptual ideology in the tenets of humanity A construed solidarity in a common black identity Abstruse in such arcane a concept?
Fight through the pain now Don't give in to the night. Take your last breath while standing Let strength be your fight.   (chorus) Lock-down 'cuz we're loesing ground
  And when work is done,This poem has left me...My soul refreshed,AnewI feel cleansed.
The tears roll down from his eyes and are blown away in whispers By the wind This Man I do not know him   He cries in an agony I cannot see He is alone beside me
Pride; It’s often seen as someone who loves attention. People see it as someone who evokes nonsense. Power; The first thought that comes to mind is control; Those with power are accused of always controlling.
Oh happiness, take me upon your wings fly me above and away take me farther than my dreams on the dawn of breaking day
I left that dark room, speechless. I was scared to death, for what I saw was real. Brainwash of the masses. Abuse of power. Slaughter. But laying in hell, you can only look up.
Watch an eagle spread wings like silk Untouchable purity against a night sky Until the hunter (some would call him Destiny!) takes aim See the king of the air turned to game
Trotting through the hot narrow alley, rifle on my back. My companion to my left: Richard, I think. The sound of gunfire boiling in the distance.
Morning light blazing into mine eyesA ray of hope to my sleepless nightsMy soul cascaded across the skiesNaked before His light all too brightYou and I had broke all tiesBut just to let you know, I am alright
Never in ones life would they think their own life would be cut short,  But for one girl, she found out that it was her who would soon abort. It was 1989, and she was just going in for a check up,
Moonshine floods the curtain lace and bathes the room in colors of soft serenity.
At the sound of the tone please release emotions.........(beep) IM A CRYBABY *Ring Ring* "Wassup bae" "nothing".......................(30 minutes of silence) IM A BRAT
To love is to feel pain. To love means giving your whole heart to someone else. It's a tricky thing, unexplainable and sometimes unreasonable. It makes you vulnerable and leaves you wanting more of it.
Ahhh ! I cant sleep. my eyes pry open, my mouth screams leave me be, ive been done wrong, done wrong and it's hard to be me. every thought is ruined by one person, that one person that told me i could never be successful in life.
It is my innate right A thing I will Never give to you Why must the demons feel Such strong lust  To control it  To destroy it Without a fight Nobody Should ever give that up 
A family member gone. Not even able to understand why you were so cold.  Trapped in my sorrow, these words were the only way to go. You left me without warning, how could you go?
Little boy who claims to know love Manipulates visions of rose petals and doves Your words fill my mind with images to relate False happiness comes with the lies you create Oh you confused little boy
She was the lightning that danced across his night skies. He was her rock when her waves broke on the shores. She was the rock he broke himself against. She was the mystery he couldn't quite solve. 
You left me You were once Mine Once Your hold, your lips, all mine Once I remember the sleepless nights we spent together creating passion, solving problems
My story may not be long but it's a good read.  Carelessly flipping through the pages? You might miss something. The young girl who was filled with joy who's trust in people went void.
After all the years, a knot once tied Has fallen loose in mid-stride, Holes revealed that before were hidden, By this intricate knot of ribbon, Smiling faces covering watering eyes
Snap, Pop, Crack! There goes an elbow with one firm grasp. La la la watching those tears mixed in, Is water, blood, and all the hope plus determination flowing from that corpse
War is declared On all of you, who hurt Others; leaving none spared. You seem to use all effort To leave them despaired And, lacking comfort.
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond threshold of the black mire falling headfirst into the pits dying, our souls
Clank! Number five. My sisters and I count each clank into the trash can, growing more uneasy with each one We usually don’t get very scared until number eight, that’s when he starts to fuss
(poems go here) There once was a man named Ted, Who decided one night to look under the bed. What he saw, it seemed, Really made him scream. And now, he has no head.
As the sun fades away The sky turns to gray O' dear, I can only say, "See you tomorrow morning star" We look back in time To where we had our best and worst times Wish we had a time machine
The gym is my Tabernacle, A place I long for, a place I seek. A safe haven from all the daily disgust. The gym is a war against my muscles, A place my sprit is freed,
Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, Blood spilt on foreign soil, Yet in safety far across the sea, You mock the sacrifice for liberty.
You have a castle for a mind and those flags They don't bear enough welcome Put your drawbridge down We won't all hurt you how some have Call off the guards and stone walls
Sometimes I feel swarmed Sometimes I feel alone I get up each and everday I go to school I go to work I eat I go to bed But Sometimes I feel alone
Don’t run from your troubles, As life takes you by, It will only cause pain, As if fire creeped inside, Burning your desire to say the truth, Afraid of the effect it will have on you,
Tear the tree down As the ecosystem frowns Just so some smuck gets to wear the mangrove crown One day natures going to fight back But what you lack Is the ability to comprehend
As I lay awake in bed at night My secrets haunt me, devil’s delight Though invisible, they’re plain in sight Stenciled images in black and white They scream and wail, unending fight
I was always taught never seem weak Always act strong To always fake that smile And laugh like nothings wrong But right now I think about those hard times I got through
It’s not until you say something truly meaningful That people start to hear your words
The sun rose red above the trees As light spread across the field Cropping up across the land The shadows reluctant to yeild A man stands guard surveying, Watching out for morning's light,
When morning light cracks, my skull rattles to ear-piercing bebop saxophone Prize-fighter in the corner, crave the bell, you pitbull, crushed ankles will likely give out, useless things
The change it blows, across the sky. The wind it grows, as seasons die. Heralding might, with each new dawn. Winning the fight, through guise of calm.
Like an object at rest I remained Although a force was acting upon me There was no reaction of mine To the change that had happened What a strange phenomenum of science I was I didn't react when I should have
I awaken to red and blue lights The paramedics have arrived, Pain in my head like after those late nights I am thinking I should have died.
And then silence. his voice is raised you can almost hear her cringe, he’s too far gone too many a drink her back against the kitchen sink her arms are raised his voice now crazed
Never again do I want to see such pain and hurt in her eyes, But time after time I look for and wait to hear her cry. She says there’s no one who can save her, but I have to try.
Suppressed filling of anger, stirred with every word. Tension builds, as the mind registers one thing; GO. Hands rise, thundering, BOOM, BOOM following one another as though a synchronized explosion.
You are hurting her, more than you know. Cuz she won't admit it Her feelings won't show. You lacerate her, stroke after stroke then you kiss that bitch she's been broken.
Finding beauty in negative spaces Can be a trying test of your sanity But walking by, are a million faces Every one with a sense of vanity
Finding beauty in negative spaces Can be a trying test of your sanity But walking by, are a million faces Every one with a sense of vanity
Not liking the first I start a new page Realizing that life only sucks when You are no longer playing center stage I think maybe we should try this again
Anger is built up in me so! So much that my heart Is hurting to break The bones and organs and soul Of a fool who believes themself so bad. They think they are hard and right
Back when I was a ballerina I turned and twirled With leotards and pink tutus. I sautéed. I plied. I turned and went the wrong way on stage And provided plenty of laughs for my family.
I was a pumpkin …once Grown and harvested in the richest soil My flesh could have fed My seeds could have rooted My life could have been meaningful But instead of enriching the potential I had,
Industrial Revolution Builds on her the loneliest right. Liberty has occupation, Though she's victim of Mans' old rite.
Let’s Go Back!! Let’s Go Back, back in time, where we began to rhyme Singing hymns to kill times, of inequality, let’s go back where we loved each other while marching for justice
It would’ve been an honor to be a Freedom Rider To be able to fulfill my desire To sacrifice my life for a change For the exchange Of a better tomorrow
I have the right to school I have the right to live my way You have no say I have the right to speak Thats my rule To live everyday I have rights
I am stricken with the paint of bigots, Cast in the colors they throw on me. I am mulatto, all coffee and cream. But when I am looked at, not seen, but looked at,
Sweat and blood cradle it, It’s the mothers old hands that Wove its breath. High above myself and earth, I can see freedom slowly drifting Across towering mountains and dark Clouds.
Separate Has never been And never will be Equal. Paging through the textbooks of history and time The white, clean pages Have been bleached of any color. Black history relegated
Blinking sweat from his eyes, His heart is on the verge of defunct, Light irises face his. Wild with fear, His stomach solidifies like rime.
Hey there, pretty lady. That’s who I am tonight, Pretty Lady. Pretty Lady this morning Pretty Lady after this crap job Pretty Lady now
Had a sporadic moment of brilliance today This extra-terrestrial brown skin Bronzed with historical significance Scarred with repetitive adversity It isn’t coming off
Music thearapy for my body and soul More room for the new, sayonara to the old Same me, but wiser and bold often portrayed as heartless and cold my emotions are opposite of Django, chained and controlled
Capture the past I'll let it live Very loud, asking for forgiveness Ignite a passion for history Let you beat me like I beat you
Try being a woman - video poem.
We all have door with a lock but no key We all have our secrets, our past, our deeds We've seen the ups and we've seen the downs We've seen our loved ones placed in the ground We've been scared and scarred
It all goes black Your world has collapsed The wall u built has fallen No time to look back Find the memories Find the money Find the kids What of the dog To live or to die
You don’t know what I’m talking about You don’t know what I want You don’t have the ability to read my mind
dear 1960's: wish i couldve been there. inagurated john f kennedy killed marilyn monroe martin luther king speech veitnam war. cuban missile crisis first walmart john f kennedy assasinated
Steal from me. Poke fun at me. Follow me...whatever. Deep down I know inside my own self is better. You broke me. You scorned me. Over time I learned to adore me. It takes time and it takes courage but in the end I it has been worth it.
Each fight we have, tears me down, Of your standard, I've fallen short. Barely hanging on with pain, Can't you see that we're the same?
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