Devilish Mechanics of Fervor

All my life I've guarded

my closest angels as they fell ill,

Cursing sickness with demonic persuasions

and washing down pills 

with deadly compounds dressed in glass.


All my life I've watched

the augmented universe-

its black holes swallowing 

my undivided innocence.


All my life I've glared

eye-to-eye with Lucifer

I bargained a miracle

for my intact soul 

swearing not to share miscalculations

with my drunken angels.


All my life I've circumvented

poisonous stimulants

with Lucifer's promise on my lips.

The problem lies where you did-

licking at his deceptions which were also my own.


All my life I've evaded

parasitic dependence

but you discreetly crawled up my sleeve

and bit my heart.

My contaminated veins 

decoded your name.


Never in my life have I deemed you

an omen nor disqualification

to my agreement.


I'm hooked now

and the underworld convulses in laughter.


Now that you're mine,

I'm all theirs.



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