A Hopeful Divorce


Happy were the days when I played with my brother

Then all of a sudden, we got called in one after the other.

We sat down, him with my sister and me with my mother.

Confused and slightly nauseous, she told me the news.

She said something of divorce, of a game she knew they’d lose.


My brother cried and my sister comforted all the while I sat motionless.

My mother sat near all along not touching. I longed for her caress.

Father in his chair said nothing at all

All you could hear was the silence of it all


Later that night, we went to church for choir

I didn’t want to go, my eyes burned like fire.

I cried to the teacher and she told me it will be alright

I believed her and decided to put up a fight.


At home in my bed I dozed off to sleep,

And dreams of the future started to creep.

When I awoke I felt refreshed ready to take on the day

I realized in that moment that it would all be okay.


My mother will be happy and my father will stop shouting

My sister will go to college and that I should stop pouting.

My mom said we get to have two houses to live in,

One to live with her and one to live with him.


I was happy because I would get my own room, not having to share

But I’d miss having the other half of my pair.

My sister, brother and I decided to chat for a while,

We made a pact to always listen to each other no matter the miles.


We weren’t going to let a minor setback in life create turmoil   

We were going to deal with it always staying loyal.





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