Black & Bruised

Time was like water but you were like wine
Sweet ocean, bruised, black, and bleeding the times
Yeah, time was like water but you were wine
I cant remember when you were mine

Signs started bending, not towards the sun
If only I'd have saved you from the things you'd done
Never could've held you or have been the one

Time was like water, now we're dying in thirst
God damn I shoulda known that our love was cursed
Yeah time was like water, but it drowned us first

Time was like fire babe, but you were fine
Time was unfolding in the streets each night
Time was like everything I couldnt fight
You were right

We were like prophets but we didnt care
I spent the days wasted just breathing your air
Time was like water, babe, and you were divine

You were like a circus of demented blues
I've yet to find another who could fill your shoes
I know I'll never find another dream like you

Time was like water but I couldnt swim
Time was of an essence and it felt like him
Time was like water but he was mine

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